6 Years Since My First Half (!!) + Workout Recap

hershey half marathon

  Guess what!?! My Facebook memories for today are showing that I ran my first ever half marathon, the Hershey Park Half Marathon, exactly 6 years ago today!! I wrote a recap of my first ever half marathon here, in case you missed it. I recapped the experience a few years later as I didn’t […]

Workout Recap 10/12 – 10/18

Hershey Park Half

  I love when the Facebook time hop thing pops up in my newsfeed. I can’t even believe my first ever half marathon, at Hershey Park, was already three years ago. There’s nothing like your first big race experience! So far, Facebook has yet to point out to me that one year ago this weekend […]

The Pegan Diet & Other Random Thoughts

Hershey Park Half

1. The radio can’t overplay the song, Love Me Like You Do because I still can’t get enough. …Love me like you do, la la love me like you do… 2. I may have been a guest on Dr. Oz but I am in no way a regular watcher of his show. However, the other afternoon, I […]

Is It Really August 1st?

Gapfit tank

    I am struggling to understand that today is August 1st. When did this happen? September is already next month. The Halloween decorations are already in stores. Hopefully this means Trader Joe’s canned pumpkin is on its way to the store shelves soon, too? Libby’s just isn’t as good. It suddenly occurred to me that […]