TOL – Hershey Park, Running Shoes & Chocolate Banana Pudding

hershey half marathon

This week has been weird because my son has been sick for most of it. It started out as I don’t feel well which I took as I don’t feel like going to school which then turned into he wasn’t kidding and he’s real sick. The positive side to this is that he hasn’t been […]

Thinking Out Loud – Listening to Intuition

  My workout began a good two and half hours later than normal yesterday. If you are a runner, or even just an insanely routine person, you understand my thoughts on this without me needing to explain any further. I chose to run a few miles on the treadmill broken up with strength training sets […]

Granny Smith Apples And Hershey Park Cookies

Fairway Market and I have officially made up. I will happily walk into Fairway today as if nothing negative between us ever happened. It was about time they put my beloved Granny Smith apples back on special. I have been getting by with purchasing my apples from Trader Joe’s and while those apples served me well, Fairway apples hold a special place […]

Fall-Like Friday

Don’t let this sky fool you. Yesterday morning I awoke to fall like running weather. It may look dark and dreary but all I noticed was the cool, crisp air. It was glorious. It was quite a pleasure to run 4.50 miles outside and not sweat…and the best part – no sweat meant no messing […]

The Friday Report

Finally Friday! I don’t know why, but I really felt like this week took forever. Besides today being Friday, there are few exciting things I have to report: The Hershey Park Half Marathon is officially on my race calendar! I finally registered yesterday after opening the page several times in the last few weeks only […]

Long Run Snack Saturday

Hi friends! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. If you are like me, Saturday doesn’t mean you sleep in, it means you get up and run! My favorite rainbow shoes came out to play today. With the Fitness Magazine Half Marathon quickly approaching, I decided I should start filling my little pocket with […]

One Day You Will Appreciate Me

Sunday already? The weekend sure does fly by. It snowed last night so my friend and I went over to Lifetime Fitness  instead of hitting the trail for a run. I split my workout between a variety of those elliptical type machines. There are so many different versions of those machines and I almost always […]