Friday Favorites – December 2016

Friday Favorites

  I am back with another round of Friday Favorites for this week!   Green Mountain Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee: Between yesterday’s post and now today, I think it’s obvious that I like my cups of coffee. Have you tried Green Mountain’s Cinnamon Sugar Cookie coffee yet?! The aroma coming from the coffee mug when this coffee brews is simply amazing […]

weekend stuff and the best pancakes ever

premiere diner pancakes

    Need a new light pink nail polish color combo for your nails? Try one coat of Essie’s Petal Pink with one coat Hi Maintenance, it’s a good one! When you find yourself taking pictures of cauliflower displays because you find them to be pretty, you know you are either a vegetarian or healthy living blogger. Or both. […]

Winter Break Weekend Sentence Per Picture

deep dish meatballe pizza

  Chinese food at Christmas time because that’s what Jewish people do. It’s a fact. While passing (actually, being passed) in city traffic by the horse-drawn carriages of Central Park, I realized I have never actually taken one of these buggy rides and I really don’t think I ever will. I feel bad for the horsies. I […]

7 Random Thoughts


  It’s a good thing today is Thursday because putting together a post that flows was not about to happen this morning. Between juggling my son being home for a few days as I attempted to work while simultaneously trying to become a blog savvy tech person (I am not and never will be but I […]

random things & running reflections

new balance

  It always happens that I have a few thoughts about a race after I write the recap. I write the recaps fairly quickly which doesn’t always give me time to reflect completely but before we get to running talk, a few random things first. I bought Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice K-Cups last week. I am finding this […]

Thinking Out Loud July 9. 2015

hello kitty cookies

Today is Thinking Out Loud Thursday, yesterday was What I Ate Wednesday and Tuesday, at least in my world, was something called Just Because Day. Seriously, the sweetest. I stopped checking my emails when I first open my eyes in the morning. You know how you grab your phone to go through it in order to […]

More To Me Than Running


  Yesterday morning wasn’t so bad. My son woke up on his own and didn’t give me an issue getting out the door. The only minor problem we encountered was him blaming me for not putting all of the new pencils we bought over the break properly into his binder pencil pouches. Where was he Sunday […]

Small Changes For The Bigger Results

start stop keep

  Who wants to take my place this morning as the person in charge of getting my son up and out the door for school for the first time in two weeks? I didn’t think I would have any volunteers. It isn’t going to pretty. Thankfully I am a morning person, otherwise first mornings back to the routine would […]

Who Collects Lip Balm?

As a little girl, I always liked to collect things that interested me. It started with Hello Kitty and stickers, hockey cards and sports memorabilia. As I got older, my collecting matured to collecting things in the housewares department that involved cupcakes and desserts such as dishes, paintings, ice cream bowls, napkins, dish towels….you get my point, yes? […]

June 5th

Happy Birthday to me! And a Happy National Running Day to you! I am not one to share but I feel truly blessed to share my birthday with National Running Day. How perfect of a pairing. To properly observe my birthday and this running holiday, I intend to head out for my birthday run shortly. […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Pool Bag Essentials

Don’t you just love when the week begins on a Tuesday? It throws me off a bit, but in a good way! It is always best to think it is Monday and find out it is already Tuesday. I hope everyone had an enjoyable, long weekend. As a member of Healthy Living Blogs, I was […]

Comfort is Key

Rise and Shine! I hope it is beautiful outside where you live and that you are able to take advantage of the spring weather by doing something outdoors. I was up and out early for my run and may I just say, I am LOVING my new Brooks Glycerin sneakers. Foot pain? GONE! I was […]