Surprise Weekend In Florida! Part I

south beach

  My surprise weekend in Florida has now come and gone! I’m going to break my trip up in two posts, with the food to come tomorrow. So. Surprising Heather for her birthday had been a MAJOR SECRET for months. Her mom reached out to me months ago to let me know she was planning […]

Workouts From The Week (I’m In Florida!!)


By the time this post goes live (I scheduled it in advance which I never do), I will have already been in Florida for a few days! I couldn’t say anything about this quick trip to Florida because I was surprising my best friend Heather for her birthday! ^ Picture from my birthday weekend when […]

Bachelorette Life, Dylan’s Candy Bar & City Fun (TOL)


  My friend Dina borrowed my can opener last week. I told her there was no rush in returning it, I just wouldn’t be able to open a can of chickpeas until she gave it back. Let’s see how long I can go before not having a can opener starts to bother me. I usually […]

thinking out loud July 21, 2016

junk food

So like, I know Taylor Swift is in a major conflict right now with Kim and Kanye but I don’t want any part of that. I love my Kardashians and lately I am obsessed with listening to a select group of Taylor Swift’s songs on repeat during my runs so I am not taking any sides […]

Thinking Out Loud April 14, 2016

heather and me

  I felt so normal yesterday. My appetite felt human, I was more productive than I have been in days and I think my mood was that of a semi-polite person. I attribute it all to the sun actually shining. I can’t tell you how many days its been of rain, cold and dreary wind. Produce does […]

countdown of friday favorites

heather and me

  I love that it is Friday. I love that I feel better. I love that I have some favorites to share with you from my week so let’s count them down to my most favorite moment, okay? 4. New mascara from Guerlain Why do I love this Cils d’Enfer So Volume mascara more than […]

Must Make Smoothie Recipes

satisfying smoothie recipes

  Is there someone in your life that you are so in sync with that no matter where you are, together or apart, you are still on the same wave length? Growing up, my best friend Heather and I were basically the same person. We had the same personality, the same taste in EVERYTHING so much so that even when […]