Week in Workouts + Heart Walk

jones beach

It was a packed week of holidays, memorials, and events last week – Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, the 20th anniversary of September 11 (and my mom’s birthday), and the Long Island Heart Walk yesterday in memory of my childhood friend’s brother, Adam. With time off from work during the first part of the week, I […]

Not A Normal Week In Workouts + Heart Walk

brooks launch

I wouldn’t exactly call this a normal week in workouts. However, at a quick glance, my workouts seem fairly normal. And in some ways, they were. I mean, I got outside every single day with a decent balance of running, walking, and Pure Barre. However, I know my workouts were not normal for me and […]

Half Marathon Training Starts Tomorrow! (workout recap)

gym day

  I forced myself to step away from my blog and laptop as much as possible over the last two days. I absolutely cannot handle the issues I am having here on the back end and so far, no one else can figure it how to solve the problems. If I didn’t love my blog so much and […]

Workout Recap 9/14- 9/20

pb and pumpkin oat bran muffins

  The start of school combined with the Jewish Holidays has thrown off my typical running routine. The miles are still there, Pure Barre is still happening, but the routine of it all is panning out differently which has confused my brain a bit, making me realize that I really like the structure of the workout […]

PB & Pumpkin Oat Bran Muffins

pb and pumpkin oat bran muffins

  Is it just me or is walking a 5k so much harder than running a 5k? I can’t tell you how many times I asked Kelly if we were at the finish yet. It was great to come together in memory Adam and to catch up with the entire family especially since most of the reminiscing […]

Workout Recap 9/15/14-9/21/14

weekly workout recap

So the Runner’s World Half & Festival is fast approaching. The hat trick is creeping up on me. I contemplated an ignorance is bliss approach to the race courses yet couldn’t help myself the other day and decided to check them out. Uh huh. Just as I thought. Hills. A bunch of hills. I haven’t been […]