Whole Foods Haul, Oatmeal Tips And Sesame Street

  I have been wanting to tell you something since I had lunch at Whole Foods on Saturday. Worth every penny by the way. Don’t ask me what was in the box – I get all scoop-happy when I see my favorite roasted anything and just pile it all on into the brown box. OK […]

Random, Cool and Weird

This week is flying right by me. Luckily, I slowed down enough to not trip myself out the front door. Boys. I will never understand. He is lucky I didn’t hurt myself – it would have interfered with dinner. Welcome back to Wednesday Night Pizza Bagel Night. You kinda want to eat over at our house, […]

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Smoothies!

red mango frozen yogurt smoothies

It is no secret that my favorite frozen yogurt is Red Mango.  Red Mango is not only my favorite frozen yogurt store, I consider it to be one of my top three favorite restaurants. There is no match, substitute or replacement for Red Mango frozen yogurt. The variety of fresh fruit available in their toppings bar (as […]

Mother of Year Strikes Again

If I didn’t already qualify for Mother of the Year,  I secured the top spot last night for sure. Not only did I take the boy last night (on a school night) to the Islanders/Penguins playoff game, I excused him from Hebrew School, I sported an Islanders T-shirt in support of the orange and blue […]

Kids Fun Run

Isn’t it funny how as soon as you finish one race, you are busy planning the next? I am trying to work on my race calendar but it isn’t so easy. The only upcoming races between now and the fall season are mostly 5k distances. I really don’t like the 5k. I prefer to run […]

Voila Gourmet

I needed a second opinion yesterday morning regarding the weather. I just didn’t want to believe the meteorologist on television so I consulted my weather app to decide if it was truly too cold outside for my “planned”  hilly run. “Poor day for outside fitness.” Uh huh. And I could have done without the big […]

Blizzard Schmizzard

I am ready for summer. Or even spring. Or simply a friendly winter which means no snow and  temperatures above 32 degrees. No such luck. Blizzard warning in effect through Saturday. Saturday morning is designated as my long run morning. A blizzard may throw a wrench in my routine for this weekend. Hmm. Good thing […]

Peanut Butter Preparedness

I love presents. Especially when they are surprise presents. Left on your doorstep. Well, not quite a present since I paid for this delivery but I didn’t know exactly when it would arrive and since it is my favorite thing in the world, I classify it as a surprise present. You can never have enough […]

The Snack Debate

Friday already, wow the week went fast! The run in the wind I had planned for yesterday didn’t happen. I realized as I stepped outside that I may actually risk getting blown into a bush or into traffic therefore I opted for the gym in my community. Elliptical machine it was. Oh well. I will […]

The Cookie Debate and a Foggy Run

There is a thick fog greeting me this morning as I take in the newspaper. Normally one would find fog annoying. I, on the other hand, think fog signifies we have reached a decent temperature which allow me to run outside for the first time in 10 days. It’s not raining, not snowing, no ice […]

It’s National Peanut Butter Day!

It might as well be my birthday. Or my anniversary. Or Mother’s Day  But it’s not. January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day and given the amount of Peanut Butter I consume, it might as well be my very own holiday! In honor of National Peanut Butter Day (well not really in honor of but […]

Three Tip Tuesday

Ah Tuesday..not quite the start of the week, not yet the middle and certainly not the end…To brighten up this dreary looking Tuesday morning, I decided it would be fun to start offering some tips every Tuesday so here goes: Cookie ChRUNicles Tips for Tuesday: 1. Crosstrain! – I am so that girl to run […]