Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Smoothies!

red mango frozen yogurt smoothies

It is no secret that my favorite frozen yogurt is Red Mango.  Red Mango is not only my favorite frozen yogurt store, I consider it to be one of my top three favorite restaurants. There is no match, substitute or replacement for Red Mango frozen yogurt. The variety of fresh fruit available in their toppings bar (as […]

Soup on the Menu and a Healthified Banana Bread

Ah Monday…No one ever really likes Monday. Well, that is except for parents of school aged children that are ready to ship them off for the day. Come on, admit it. Time for routine. Time for someone else to talk all day to your kids. So today’s school cafeteria menu is scheduled to serve the […]

Feeding the Little Man

Happy Wednesday! Although I can’t say I am happy to wake up to rain. While I have been known to run outdoors in a little bit of drizzle, running in actual pouring rain on a random Wednesday is not going to do it for me today. Unfortunately. Elliptical it is (blah). So many of the […]