Yesterday’s Run & A Stur Giveaway!


  If you are trying to build on your endurance and extend your runs, I am going to guess that one of your biggest struggles sometimes is getting through the first few miles. Making it through those first three miles, loosening up, working out the kinks and finding your groove is key to going longer. I often feel […]

Healthy Brand Showcase Stuff

vegetarian salad

  Just because I am a mother does not mean I know how to do laundry. Do you know what this is? This would be my Run Swiftly short sleeve shirt that I wore for Monday’s race which I seem to have washed with the race bib still attached. And, just because I am a mother does […]

WIAW – Recent Eats And Lots Of Apples

sweet potato fries with chick peas and vegetables

  This is not the What I Ate Wednesday I had in mind. I have been planning out some foodie-fun posts like healthy packaged snack choices and finally updating my vegetarian meal planning post but none of that had time to develop because my son STILL HASN’T STARTED SCHOOL. Not that I am complaining or anything […]

Healthy Brand Showcase and Kabocha Squash

What should we discuss first today? The Healthy Brand Showcase or my first attempt at roasting the much-loved Kabocha Squash? Let’s start at the beginning. I ran an easy 6 miles before leaving for the city. My runs have been great and I attribute it all to the suddenly chilly early morning air. The view never […]

Hungry Days And The Healthy Brand Showcase

I am glad today is Wednesday. Not because we are halfway through a tough week or that I am excited for the weekend to arrive, not even because I am heading into the city soon for a Healthy Brand Showcase. I am glad today is Wednesday because yesterday was my hungry day and that is […]