Halloween Candy & Season’s 52 (WIAW)

vegetarian tasting

Before we discuss what I ate yesterday, let’s take a quick look at the amount of candy that arrived home via my son’s trick or treat bag Monday night. Every Halloween I think he comes home with more Halloween candy than the year before but that’s probably because I forget just how much candy he can […]

New Clothes, Salads & Baked By Melissa (week in review)

baked by melissa

  What a difference a week makes! Although there are still some minor Bar Mitzvah details lingering around (like waiting for the pictures from the photographer and coordinating the service video from one videographer to be edited into the party video from the other videographer) I definitely felt more like more like myself over the last several […]

NYC Marathon, Halloween Candy & Some Recipe Links

Halloween candy

  I know you are wondering what type of candy I will be giving out today. I didn’t figure it out until yesterday. Talk about the last minute. I don’t know, I just wasn’t into it. I must be getting old. I honestly didn’t care what kind of candy I gave out because, and forgive my […]

WIAW- October Happenings

chocolate covered caramel apples

  I thought about skipping out on the What I Ate Wednesday fun this week because it is suddenly October 1st and we need to discuss some happenings. But…. WIAW is part of my routine and without my routine I feel all sorts of off-balance and I don’t want to be off-balance so I figured […]

Thinking Out Loud – Retrain Your Brain

trader joes groceries

  I just sat here professing my love of the back to school season yet this time of year is not all sunshine, unicorns and pretty pencils for me. I must quickly tell you that I HATE sharpening pencils and my son seems to go through pencil points as if it’s a point per paragraph. And, if I […]

What To Do With Your Candy, NYCM And Pile On The Miles

Confession: On November 1, 1991, I went trick or treating with a friend pretending to be a wrong calendar. While not everyone shared in my humor, we were greeted with many happy people who were thrilled to be able to unload the rest of their Halloween candy that was still situated by their front door. I was quite the creative sweet-toothed genius […]

Perfect Gifts and ShameOnJane Shopping Code!

Back in elementary school, I remember learning all of the Halloween songs in music class. One song in particular always sticks out in my mind because all we did was sing over and over H-A- double L -O- W- double E -N SPELLS HALLOWEEN…… This song came in handy at times when I would forget how to spell Halloween. […]

Happy Belated

Please forgive me.  I was so preoccupied with my unofficial First Day of Spring on Friday that I was completely oblivious of two other important holidays that required attention: If you follow The Cookie ChRUNicles on facebook, you already know I wished everyone a Happy Peanut Butter Lovers Day. If you missed it on facebook, […]