Halloween Candy & Season’s 52 (WIAW)

vegetarian tasting

Before we discuss what I ate yesterday, let’s take a quick look at the amount of candy that arrived home via my son’s trick or treat bag Monday night. Every Halloween I think he comes home with more Halloween candy than the year before but that’s probably because I forget just how much candy he can […]

Did You Know?

Mrs.Fields Brownies

  Did you know that I rarely do take out for dinner? It’s like this — either I am cooking or we are going out to eat. No need to order in pizza or Chinese food and very rarely do I feel like picking dinner up on the way home. Except for Friday night. Friday night somehow we took […]

workouts from the week 10/26 – 11/1

Halloween candy

  Oh, hello. Anyone else up early due to the time change? Are you thinking about eating your leftover Halloween candy for breakfast? The time change used to bother me, especially when my son was little because he would wake up even earlier than normal and normal was horrendously early to begin with. Now though, I […]

Cardio Burn Elliptical Workout

30 Minute Cardio Burning Workout

    The highlight of my weekend literally involved highlights…And a three-inch haircut too! I always check out my hair in the salon restroom before paying. I like to shake it out, readjust the pieces and make sure the length, cut and color is correct before I leave. The only thing that could have been […]

Weekend Time – Needing a Break From Routine

It may be close to freezing this morning, I may need to bundle up in layers and hope to avoid frost bite while running but I don’t care at the moment – I am just happy it is Friday. I am more than ready for a break from the weekday routine. Yesterday, in between after […]