Half Marathon Anniversaries + Weekly Workout Recap

hershey half marathon

This time of year is huge for racing, especially half marathons and marathons. While I’ve never run a marathon (and honestly don’t plan on it), I did run my fair share of half marathons. Today is the seven-year anniversary of my first ever half marathon — the Hershey Park Half Marathon. Super crazy how time […]

Half Marathon Thoughts + Workouts From Week

8 miles

  There’s a slight ping in my heart, every so often lately, as the Long Island marathon weekend approaches. I ran the 10K portion last year but the thought of the half marathon still touches my heart, even though I haven’t run 13 miles in gosh, almost two years. I’ve run the Long Island half […]

Trying To Pick A Fall Half Marathon. Or Not.

hershey half marathon

  As I sit here trying to pick a fall half marathon, I keep thinking back to my post, It’s Okay To Not Sign Up For A Race. I am not big on running races. Running a couple of races a year is MORE than enough for me. However, it’s been over a year since […]

My 5 Basic Tips For Running Your Next Half Marathon

5 basic tips for running your next half marathon

  I received an email from a reader last week asking me for a few basic tips for running a half marathon. It’s not an easy question to answer, especially by email because you have to choose your words carefully so that you make sense and don’t ramble. In order to answer her question, I decided to […]

Solid Week Of Running, Fall Half Marathon & Pure Barre

workout recap

  What a solid week of running I had! Wow. I can’t help but keep saying how I feel so much more like myself out there lately. Sometimes I don’t think we realize how not like ourselves we feel until we realize we feel like ourselves again. Does that make sense? I think that the […]

Race Decision: Long Island Half

race outfit

    I figured I would pop in today with my final decision about running the Long Island half marathon May 7. In a workout recap post recently, I mentioned that I didn’t think I would be running Long Island half marathon for the first time in years. Although, at the time of that post, I still wasn’t sure. My period […]

Running & Workout Recap (3.20.17 – 3.26.17)

workout recap

  I am not totally sure that I am going to be able to run the Long Island Half Marathon. For starters, my parents have a wedding the night before the race. While this may sound unrelated to the race, it’s totally related! I like to have my son sleep at their house the night before a […]

LI Half Marathon Training Week #1

water fountains

So technically this week was my first week of training for the Long Island half marathon. If I am being completely honest with myself and with you, I don’t really know that I 100% feel like training to run a half marathon. I keep going back and forth on the subject. It’s not that I don’t […]

Unplugged & That Half Marathon Feeling (TOL)

hershey half marathon

After receiving my replacement phone, I had to log back into all of my apps. For the life of me, I cannot get into my Instagram account because I can’t get the password correct. All it does when I try to reset the password is redirect me to log in without the chance to actually reset it. Right now the only Instagram […]

The Bloat Is Real (TOL)

black boots

  My mind has been gearing up with major interest in training for the Long Island half marathon. The Long Island half marathon for this year is Sunday, May 7 which means I would start training in a few weeks. The only slight issue at the moment is my menstrual cycle. It may be another month before […]

PMS, My Race Decision & Trader Joe’s (TOL)

Trader Joe's food shopping

  So I can usually rely on my level of PMS as a pretty good indicator of how good/bad my actual period will be when it arrives. This month however, my PMS indicator totally failed me. I had a really gentle and polite week of PMS. I knew I was in PMS mode but I wasn’t in a necessarily bad […]

NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon Training Week #6

nycruns falling leaves half marathon training week #6

So my training plan said that this was my peak week of half marathon training. Well how do you like that, it went so fast! I actually had a terrific week of running and didn’t feel drained by the workouts (until yesterday’s long run, I was tired after that!) so maybe it’s a good thing that […]