Recent Meals From Dirty Taco + Pete The Greek

dirty taco guacamole

I couldn’t remember exactly when I last went to Dirty Taco but I knew it was prior to the pandemic. Thanks to my blog, I was able to determine my last meal there and here it is — the last time I went to Dirty Taco was back in February, before the pandemic, and during the time […]

Vegetarian Tacos at Dos Caminos (WIAW)

dos caminos vegetarían naked tacos

  I had THE BEST vegetarian tacos at Dos Caminos Monday night and couldn’t wait to tell you about them today! Let’s back up a bit first to Monday morning. Breakfast: I’m still eating a super small bowl of oatmeal before I head out for my run. After my workout and shower, I had this […]

WIAW- My Idea of Convenience Foods

oatmeal raisin chocolate chip protein bites

  My son is on a let-me-cook-everything-for-myself kick since the baking of the cookies  on Monday. He made his own breakfast and even said I should take a picture for you. If you are wondering why there are no berries on his plate, it is because I am struggling this week to locate strawberries and […]

Weekend Plus Fabulous Guacamole Recipe

  I couldn’t help but laugh to myself only an hour or so after my post on Saturday. Remember my “summer-like” remark about the weather for Saturday’s long run? I left my house to go out for the day and suddenly found myself caught in what seemed like a blizzard. Explain it I can’t and neither could the radio […]