Trader Joe’s Groceries, Chicken Parm & Recipes

Trader Joe's Groceries

  Who else is super ready for a holiday weekend? I know I am! It’s been so warm and beautiful here these last few days that it has made the wait for Friday rather difficult but here we are! I did the bulk of my food shopping already in order to free up my weekend […]

Weekend Stuff & Groceries

food shopping

  It rained like crazy yesterday morning which in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing on a Sunday (so long as it isn’t your wedding day or race day that is!). I didn’t rush to get up, I wasn’t planning to run and the dark of the rainy daylight made it perfect for getting back into […]

recent Trader Joe’s shop & next week’s dinner plan

weekly meal planning menu

  All of our dinners did not exactly go according to plan this week. But it’s okay to deviate every now and again, especially when Subway is running a buy one get one free deal. I took advantage of the deal Tuesday night which gave my son a dinner he really wanted plus an extra […]

Japanese Sweet Potatoes & Next Week’s Meal Plan

roasted japanese sweet potatoes

  Confession: I went out of my way to go to Whole Foods, when I really could have picked up everything I needed at Trader Joe’s, simply because I wanted a snack from the food bar while I shopped. I couldn’t help myself, I love Whole Foods’ roasted vegetables. I didn’t seem to need that much from the grocery stores although I […]

shopping list & recipe links

trader joe's shopping list

    I typically try to get my food shopping accomplished before the weekend begins so I can free up Saturday and Sunday for enjoyment rather than errands. In case you are looking for some shopping list inspiration suggestions in addition to the Trader Joe’s Favorites For Runners from last week, I put together a list of what […]

Run From Your Heart

  They say the heart is the strongest muscle in the body. Our hearts have the ability to overpower our minds and make us do things that perhaps our brains would normally disagree with. Regardless of what you “think” you should do or not do, if you feel it in your heart, that is typically what guides […]

10 Mile Run, Famous Pizza and Slime

So yesterday morning I did something I rarely do on a random weekday – I ran 10 miles. My long run routine naturally fell on Saturday mornings because that was the day I had the most time to devote to a run lasting longer than 45- 60 minutes. Not to mention, when I first started incorporating the […]