Running Out Loud

running shoes

I spotted a runner a few nights ago as I pulled into my neighborhood and suddenly became intrigued. I had the urge to run too. It was about 6:30 pm, not that humid and still sunny outside. It seemed like such a great idea, even to me, the strictly morning runner. Why not go for […]

Did You Know I Wear Glasses & $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Pearle Vision

    I have been blogging for just about two and a half years now and I am pretty sure that I have yet to really mention that I wear prescription eyeglasses.   Aside from posting a few pictures of myself in sunglasses, which are prescription, not once did I post a picture wearing my regular glasses […]

Thinking Out Loud – Oovo? What’s Oovo?

  Another day, another snowstorm, another school closure. A reader notified me that the chocolate dipped apple slices in yesterday’s post resembled a heart shape in one of the pictures. Not only did I not do this on purpose, I hadn’t even noticed. And it’s possible I didn’t notice the apple heart because my glasses weren’t on. […]