Happy Birthdays & Workout Recap 12/29/14-1/4/15

Eleni's Bakery Cupcakes

  We need to wish two important people a very happy birthday today…. Happy Birthday to my cousin Amy who you may know as my cousin who just ran the New York City Marathon and has already decided to run it again next year. She doesn’t have a blog but her race recap was one the […]

Weekly Workout Recap 12/15-12/21

weekly workout recap

  This was a great running week! I know I run lots of miles all of the time but there was just something about this week that kept me smiling. A couple of speedy runs, an easy run and a long run which all left me with that amazing little feeling which flows from the head down to the toes that screams – […]

Carvel Sundae & Weekly Workout Recap

weekly workout recap

In case you were wondering, the Islanders won last night. And I won’t complain to you that it took me FORTY MINUTES just to exit the parking lot because at least they are selling out and giving us great games to watch. And, at least I had an ice cream sundae during the first intermission. […]

Gigabody Review Plus Giveaway!


  It’s finally time for a complete Gigabody review! If you have been paying attention to my Weekly Workout Recaps each Sunday for the past month or so, you may have noticed me mention a variety of Gigabody videos on more than one occasion. I never thought workouts from home would ever be something that I would […]

Weekly Workout Recap 12/1/14 – 12/7/14

weekly workout recap

I have another running analogy for you today…. Running shoes are like the gas in your car….The more you run (drive), the sooner you will wear out your shoes (run out of gas). You even know when the end is approaching. The light on your dashboard is on telling you that you only have a […]

Weekly Workout Recap 11/17/2014-11/23/14


  Good morning! I love the process of putting together these workout recaps each week because it helps me to grasp an overall picture of what it is I do considering I have never followed any sort of structured fitness schedule. It’s becoming clear (in case you haven’t noticed) that I am really enjoying the barre routines, both […]

10k Today! (Plus Workout Recap)

race outfit

  I am big on last-minute race decisions. I decided Friday morning to register to run a 10k today. I don’t often run short race distances (especially 5k races, I do not enjoy them) but this 10k is only ten minutes from my house and it isn’t snowing so why not? Seems like a good time. *Monday* Pure […]

Weekly Workout Recap 11/3/2014-11/9/2014

weekly workout recap

I have been busy playing around with those Gigabody workouts I told you about last week in order to provide you will a great review (most likely by the end of this month). Of course playing around means I am doing lots of random routines, starting and stopping some of them along with completing some new-to-me workouts. I […]

Weekly Workout Recap 10/27/14-11/2/14

Red Mango Parfait

  When it comes to the time change, usually my appetite wakes me early because it is used to eating breakfast by a certain time but I have a feeling I woke up not from my stomach but from the sound of the wind outside my window. The forecast is calling for 40 mph winds […]