It’s Friday Already (Fashion Favorites)

Bloomingdales shoe

Is it just me or are three-day weekends really the best? Like, it’s Friday already. This is very exciting to me. Not that I don’t love my job, nope that’s not it. I just really appreciate the weekends and the opportunity to sleep a little later (not that I really do but whatever, it’s nice to […]

Colder Weather Workout Apparel Picks + Weekly Workout Recap


  I have started to review my colder weather workout apparel to ensure I’m prepared for the season ahead. The weather is still comfortable for running outdoors here in New York. While the morning temperature varies a bit, it’s still been in the 50’s and 60’s which doesn’t really require a major switch in workout apparel just […]

Friday Favorites + Gap Finds

whole wheat margarita pizza

Oh boy, I am so glad it’s Friday. That’s all I have to say about that! Favorite Fitness: Before it gets too cold, I am fully appreciating running outdoors in the pretty fall atmosphere. I see colder air is on the horizon for this weekend and next week, but I’m hopeful this winter isn’t as […]

A Few Weekend Highlights

subway series

  A few weekend highlights to share today! First, if you missed my workout recap from yesterday, here’s the link! I wrote a bit about running less even though I was eating much more than usual last week during my weeklong 40th birthday celebration. So hi! It’s Monday! The weekend flew by so fast but […]

Great Salad + Pajama Finds + Nordstrom Sale Picks

greek salad with beets

  It’s still sunny here AND it’s long weekend time! Couldn’t be happier right now as we discuss this week’s round of Friday Favorites. 🙂 First, I’m guest posting today over on Laura’s blog on the topic of Skincare For Runners. It’s a really informative post (if I do say so myself) discussing the various […]

Friday Favorites! Running + Sushi + Gap Finds


Time for Friday Favorites! I’m so happy that it’s Friday even though we are experiencing a Nor’Easter today. It was so extremely wonderful to have some sunshine for a few days this week. My mood and energy levels respond immediately to the brighter, sunnier weather that the switch back to gray skies is such a […]

Chopt + Gap Finds + Burt’s Bee’s (Friday Favorites)

Friday Favorites

  Finally! Friday. It’s been a long week. I hate to be that person who talks about the days of the week, waiting for Friday, or even the weather, but sometimes, it’s necessary.   Favorite Fitness: It’s really hard to pick this week! I’m so LOVING my routine right now which makes it really hard […]

Friday Favorites 1/12/17

baked by Melissa

  Anyone else THRILLED that it’s Friday? I sort of feel like the fact that it’s Friday is the most major Friday Favorite of all today! Favorite Fitness: My foot is looking so much better! I think it really needed just about two weeks to get over the fact that I dropped a full shampoo […]

Gapfit Finds & Links I Am Loving

Gap dress

  Oh, hi. Happy Friday! It’s been quite a nonstop week so I am happy to see the weekend is here. I have a few new Gapfit finds to report today! I’ve been in need of new running capris but my requirements were pretty specific. First, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. […]

More Gap Finds & Favorite Links

Links I am Loving!

  Earlier this week I went to the Gap to find the GapFit barre top that I shared in last week’s Fashion Finds post but they didn’t have my size. I went to three Gap stores actually in one day looking for it! I know I know, I should just order online but I don’t actually like to shop online […]

Thinking Out Loud 6/11/15

dunkin donuts chips ahoy iced coffee

  Have I told you about my struggles (more like battles) with the boxes of plastic wrap? I just can’t do it correctly. Somehow the plastic wrap always seems to go from tearing off neatly to peeling apart in small little pieces, sticking together and then suddenly, without warning, I lose the spot on the roll where it tears off and it […]

Runner’s World Hat Trick Recap

Runner's World Hat Trick

  The winner of the #NYTough P & G Product Giveaway is Amy Laforte! Congrats Amy and thank you to everyone for entering! Recap time! As tired as I was Saturday night after running the 5k and 10k, I made it a point to take out my computer and start jotting down some thoughts from […]