Recent Meals: Leftovers + Air Fried Chinese Food + Fudge

veggie pizza

Oh, hi. It’s Wednesday already! I have a few recent meals to quickly discuss so let’s get to it… I think this sort of counts as Thanksgiving leftovers. With leftover roasted Brussels sprouts and asparagus plus sweet potato and mashed cauliflower, I combined it all in a bowl and added chickpeas. It was delicious. Who […]

Scenes From The Weekend

chocolate caramel apple

  The Tofu Buff Bowl at Noodles & Co. A chocolate caramel apple from Kilwin’s is as good, if not better, than the chocolate covered apples from Disney World. When there’s so much good chocolate to go around, you don’t limit yourself to just one dessert. The Kilwin’s fudge guy talked me in to the […]

Dessert Comes with Rules

Happy Friday everyone! Since the sun was shining so bright this morning and the temperature actually above freezing, I chose to dodge the snow piles and ice patches to run outdoors for the first time in easily 10 days. I had to pay much more attention to my usual route since mounds of snow at […]