Usual Foods + Pizza + Fruit in the House

vegetable salad

  Let’s see, let’s see…what have I been eating. Um, a whole lot of the same foods as usual. I mean really, does anyone truly vary their diet that often? Sometimes I feel the need for something different but overall, I gravitate towards the same rotation of foods on a regular basis. Actually, I bought […]

Recents Eats + Favorite Pickles + Ralph’s Ices

Ralphs ices

It’s Wednesday already (is the week going fast or slow for you?) which means we are talking about food today! Let’s start with some salads. At Chopt, I ordered my usual but skipped the brussels sprouts and opted for string beans instead.  You know how the brussels sprouts can be hard on my digestion. I just wasn’t […]

week in review #8

lindas fudge cake

Linking up today with Meg’s Week in Review! It was a super busy yet productive week! Let’s take a look in recap form… Blog Highlights: I shared a new run by time tempo workout on Tuesday. Click here if you missed it, it’s a really good running workout. I finally tried Pure Barre Platform on Friday […]

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

  Thank you all for your comments, social media shares and emails regarding yesterday’s post. I am so glad that my blunt way of going about such a personal and important topic was so well received. It seems as though many of us have dealt with amenorrhea at one point or another to varying degrees and the truth is, as […]

Thinking Out Loud – May 28, 2015

Warm Cold Salad from Mother Kelly's

Did you know that yesterday was National Sunscreen Day? It’s a great time to take a look at your sunscreen products to ensure you are using the best possible for your skin. I put together a really informative sunscreen post last year that is worth sharing again because the information still holds and the products […]

recent eats

panera salad

  When I think about my blog posts for the week, I always equate Wednesday with food. I don’t have a full day of eats for you today so I won’t be participating in the What I Ate Wednesday fun but I do have a whole bunch of meals I want to share with you […]

WIAW – Rest Day From Running And Vegetables

grain free muffin and salad

The rain is currently coming down pretty heavy outside my window. Wet and dreary weather would have worked perfectly for me had I planned on a rest day for today. Keyword phrase here:  Had I planned. I can’t plan rest days. I can consider a certain day of the week where I may want a rest day to occur but more often […]

My New Favorite Fruit Infusion Water

strawberry blueberry water

I cannot begin to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your comments on yesterday’s post discussing all things cake. Some people have zero interest in the delicacies that interest others. I am not one of those people. I love reading which cakes, frostings and varieties you prefer and learning more about your favorite […]

WIAW – PB2 And Other Running Favorite Foods

  I love that it is Wednesday already! After yesterday’s post, I really want to start touching upon the factors which played a major role in helping me become the runner I am today. One important place to start is food. Eating certain foods (especially at certain times) can make a world of difference in how […]

What I Ate Wednesday – Fuel My Appetite

  Lately I have been attempting to write down each run in order to keep better track of my miles. I know I have been running more and want to make sure I am compensating in the fuel department. Think of your body like a car- the more miles you drive, the more gas you […]

Eat More Fruit – Breakfast Pizza Recipe

  This morning’s National Nutrition Month tip: Buy Fruit. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Sometimes, however, the simplest of things tend to be overlooked. Listen, if you don’t buy fruit, you can’t eat fruit. More importantly, if you don’t buy fruit, your children can’t eat fruit. Expecting children to make healthier snack choices, expecting them to realize […]

WIAW- Don’t Let Me Down And Red Mango At Home

  I don’t know what it up with the stars this week but it seems every day I have a quotable phrase to share from my horoscope: “The best way to avoid disappointment is to lower your expectations.” While this may be great advice, it does not hold true for all situations, especially at meal […]