Trader Joe’s Frozen Food Favorites (plus meal plan)

frozen food favorites from Trader Joe's

  I am not big on food prep nor do I really feel like whipping up involved recipes every day of the week. I think part of the reason I get away with my way of meal preparation is because I rely on a bunch of frozen food favorites from Trader Joe’s to help me get our food on the table without […]

How To Roast Frozen Vegetables

how to roast frozen vegetables

  You had to figure, after reading yesterday’s post, that at some point this week I was going to take my son to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was a last minute decision yesterday, as in, I picked him up from school with the intention of turning left to go home but at the traffic […]

Another Snow Day and a Cold Stone Sundae

  While everyone else is recapping the Super Bowl, I much prefer to recap the best thing I ate over the weekend. If this Cold Stone Sundae complete with a cherry on top doesn’t mirror your vision of happiness then we probably can’t be friends. Not only was the chocolate dipped waffle bowl super big […]

It’s Three Tip Tuesday!

So yesterday’s workout was less than stellar. It was one of those where you know it is getting you nowhere therefore you are already thinking ahead to saving your muscles and strength for the next day. Oh well, a crummy workout one day means a great one is on the horizon, right? Anyway, today is […]