Mitzvah Mom, French Toast Bagels & Holiday Weekend

french toast bagels

  In less than two weeks, the Bar Mitzvah will have come and gone which means that I can go back to being a normal person rather than a Mitzvah Mom and you won’t have to listen to me talk about the planning anymore. I promise. For now though, just be proud with me of each […]

WIAW – I Haven’t Had Peanut Butter In Days

What I Ate Wednesday 2-24-16

  That’s right. I haven’t had peanut butter in days, not since before I got sick last week. My eating habits tend to change for a bit after a virus so I am just going with it, eating what I crave and what sounds appealing. The last time I had a real bad stomach virus, […]

Thinking About Nothing & My New Favorite Hangout

french toast bagels

    1) I usually have a running list at the start of the week of things I want to say in my Thinking Out Loud post. Not this week. My mind must have turned to snow. 2) Instead of making a list to later form into legible sentences for this post, I wrote the […]