Friday Favorites (food + fitness + fashion finds)


I put my favorites together on this very rainy Friday in New York in an old format where I focus on a favorite food, fitness, fashion, and find from the week. Let’s take a look! Favorite Food I ate something totally random and out of character — you will notice right away that it was […]

Friday Favorites From The Week (Fitness + Fashion + Food)

matzoh ball soup

I decided to go back to my former Friday Favorite layout because it keeps my brain nice and organized. I’m not sure if I will continue to do my Friday Favorites posts like this but we will try it for today.. Favorite Funny Let’s start with a little laugh. My mom and I joke that […]

DC Trip + Vacation Food + Only In New York

conrad hotel sakura club breakfast

I’ve finally gotten my act together to recap my quick trip to Washington, DC, as well the rest of my time with Heather while she was here visiting New York. Most of this post is food-related but I’ve sprinkled some other photos too. Heather and I met up in DC (I drove down and she […]

At-Home Meals I’ve Been Eating On Repeat

pizza and salad

  I do my best when I’m out to eat to take pictures of the food (doesn’t happen every time but often enough) but home has really become another story. I’ve addressed it before on the blog but I just wanted to mention it again in case you were wondering why I don’t share as […]

Random Meals + My Thoughts On Taking Pictures Of Food

English muffin

  Today’s post is a collection of random meals that I’ve had over the last several days. Sometimes I realize that I’ve forgotten to take pictures of my meals. While I’m definitely a healthy eater and total foodie who loves to dine out, keeping up with meal photography and documentation is not what I want […]

The Foods I Haven’t Been Eating

three ingredient pancake

  Instead of discussing what I have been eating lately, how about we talk about what I haven’t been eating? I came up with this idea because I thought it would make for a more interesting post than sharing the same salads over and over again. However, it actually took me a few minutes to […]

Recent Eats & My Famous Cupcake Truffles

cupcake truffles

  My blog statistics indicate that my readers LOVE to see what I eat. Knowing this, I tried to remember to take pictures of what I ate this weekend whenever I could. Although I missed a few bites, here’s my Saturday and Sunday in food! I love coming home after my long run to oatmeal in a jar. […]

Recent Eats 12/2/15

Recent Eats

  In my blogger brain, Wednesday = Food. I am skipping the What I Ate Wednesday fun though in favor of showing you more than just one day of what I have been eating. Breakfasts: I have been hooked on the blueberry pie protein oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter on top…. Yet at the same […]

WIAW – What Your Cravings Are Telling You

I am learning to just accept the snow days. Just like I am learning to accept my cravings. Sudden and random food cravings don’t just happen to pregnant women you know. In fact, while I was pregnant, I don’t think I had half the amount of random cravings as I do now. The thing is, […]

WIAW – Homemade Hummus and Winter Apples

  Wow. Loving the comments on yesterday’s post! It is SO NICE  to know that not only are we learning to love life without letting a scale determine our mood but OH MY, how refreshing to realize and see how not alone we all are in our experiences. I do have a part two in mind for yesterday’s […]

Three Tip Tuesday – A Life Without The Scale

  In case you were wondering, Edible Arrangements didn’t run any super spectacular Cyber Monday deals. I know this because I checked. To send one to myself. Anyway, I would happily bet you an Edible Arrangement that if we surveyed everyone reading this blog today, a majority of you would say you weighed yourself on a regular […]

It’s Black Friday, Of Course I Woke Up Hungry

  Happy Friday! How was your Thanksgiving? It doesn’t feel like Friday, right? Nor does it feel like the color black. I don’t know what it feels like, I just know that as predicted,  I have woken up hungry. That would be my loaded up plate from last night. You can be sure I went […]