What I bought at Trader Joe’s (and Whole Foods)

trader joe's

It has been forever since I shared a What I Bought At Trader Joe’s style post! Okay, let’s not get too excited about it — I didn’t buy that much over the weekend but at least we have something to look at and talk about from my food shopping! I fell into a pattern of […]

Trader Joe’s Shopping + Lunch At The Little Beet

  I’m making it a point to take pictures of my Trader Joe’s shopping cart every few weeks so that I can share what I’ve been buying (and eating) lately. Here’s a look at my Trader Joe’s shopping cart from a couple of days ago. It’s really just a bunch of my weekly staples plus […]

Trader Joe’s Groceries, Chicken Parm & Recipes

Trader Joe's Groceries

  Who else is super ready for a holiday weekend? I know I am! It’s been so warm and beautiful here these last few days that it has made the wait for Friday rather difficult but here we are! I did the bulk of my food shopping already in order to free up my weekend […]

Running & Recipe Links of Interest

Trader Joe's food shop

  One of the largest misconceptions about working from home is the belief that you are free to run your errands and get things done whenever you want. While there is some flexibility when working from home, if you want to get your job done, you have to hold to some sort of schedule. I try to […]

A Boring Trader Joe’s Shop & Recipes of Interest

Trader Joe's foods shopping

  I found it so interesting to read the comments (which I am still responding to) on yesterday’s post regarding career choices. So many of us changed course from our original plan or figured out through the process of going to college and then living life what it was we wanted to do. This is probably worth discussing […]

Thank you, Food Shopping & Recipes Galore

trader joe's food shopping

  I haven’t had a chance to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal experiences with me in the comments and via email regarding Tuesday’s NEDA week post. When I receive even just one message from someone thanking me for helping them or questions for further guidance, I know I am reaching the right people. Sometimes, as I mentioned, […]

Trader Joe’s Pantry Favorites

Trader Joe's Pantry Favorites

  Would you believe I made it another whole week without going food shopping?! I’m all excited about this ridiculously minor feat in my life but I remain convinced that getting myself down to one good food shop a week will save me some money and free up my errand-running time for other things. I am […]

Weekend Stuff & Groceries

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  It rained like crazy yesterday morning which in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing on a Sunday (so long as it isn’t your wedding day or race day that is!). I didn’t rush to get up, I wasn’t planning to run and the dark of the rainy daylight made it perfect for getting back into […]

Islanders Won & Other Weekend Stuff

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  It’s a real good thing that I type and you read rather than I talk and you listen because I have no voice left after yesterday’s Islanders game. It was a crazy intense, loud game (hence the no voice thing) that ended with an Islanders win (2-1) in overtime! I didn’t even play the game and […]

My Trader Joe’s Grocery List

trader joe's shopping list

  The winner of the #NYTough P&G Prize Pack giveaway is Denise Anderson! She has been notified — thank you to everyone for entering. The #NYTough fun isn’t over! You actually have a daily chance to win right now through Procter and Gamble’s #NYTough #ColdandFlu Twitter Giveaways where a winner is being selected each day […]

Weekend Smores & Stuff


  The winner of the LOVE O’s Giveaway is Ashlee! Remember, if you live near a King Soopers, City Market, Dillons, Kroger or Fry store, you can still pick up a box of the Limited Edition LOVE O’s for the next few weeks. I highly recommend it! So yesterday I left off saying I was taking […]

10 Mile Run, Famous Pizza and Slime

So yesterday morning I did something I rarely do on a random weekday – I ran 10 miles. My long run routine naturally fell on Saturday mornings because that was the day I had the most time to devote to a run lasting longer than 45- 60 minutes. Not to mention, when I first started incorporating the […]