2022 Top Favorites From The Year


There’s no denying that 2022 was the most turbulent year of work I’ve ever had in my life. Literally beginning January 1, up until last month, work wasn’t the same as in the past. It was a wild year but an incredible 8-year career at the company. For someone like me who never cared AT […]

Last Week’s Workouts (some in Florida, some at home)


I can tell you this – I really miss sitting on the balcony first thing in the morning in the warm Florida air before doing my workouts. Three of my workouts took place in Florida last week. As I had mentioned, I did not bring my running shoes (and very rarely do take running shoes […]

What I Ate In Florida


  I’m back from Florida! I really shouldn’t use an exclamation point on that statement because I wasn’t exactly happy to leave the warm weather to return to what is still winter here in New York. Ugh. Anyway, I’m ready to share some of the meals I had while in Florida. While I thought about saving […]

Hi From Florida (last week’s workouts)

florida beach

I want to be all like HI FROM FLORIDA! but I feel a level of guilt being excited over warm weather and sunshine considering what is taking place in Ukraine. On a basic human level, it’s absolutely horrible to watch what is going on and feel afraid for the people. It feels even worse for […]

What I Ate Over The Weekend In Florida

brunch salad

I did a decent job of documenting what I ate in Florida over the weekend! While I didn’t catch everything, I did get enough worth sharing for a good foodie recap. 🙂 Friday Dinner: As I explained in yesterday’s post, my whole surprise plan became rerouted after my major flight delay situation. While waiting for […]

Surprise Weekend In Florida! Part I

south beach

  My surprise weekend in Florida has now come and gone! I’m going to break my trip up in two posts, with the food to come tomorrow. So. Surprising Heather for her birthday had been a MAJOR SECRET for months. Her mom reached out to me months ago to let me know she was planning […]

Workouts From The Week (I’m In Florida!!)


By the time this post goes live (I scheduled it in advance which I never do), I will have already been in Florida for a few days! I couldn’t say anything about this quick trip to Florida because I was surprising my best friend Heather for her birthday! ^ Picture from my birthday weekend when […]

Chocolate Bar Blondies

chocolate bar chocolate chip blondies

  The night before an early morning flight leaves me either wanting a home-cooked meal because we won’t be home for a few days OR leaves me wanting nothing to do with the kitchen since I like to clean the house and leave things perfect for when we arrive home. My favorite salad from The […]

What I Ate In Florida…

chocolate fudge cake

My quick weekend away was just a little more than 48 hours of time yet in those hours were lots of good foods. Let’s start with the flight down to Florida on Friday. I brought my own salad from home to eat on the plane.   Roasted sweet potato wedges on top of a simple salad with […]

Back From Florida!


  Good morning! I missed chatting with you yesterday but my flight home from Florida didn’t get in until after midnight Sunday night so I allowed myself to sleep a few extra minutes in the morning before getting my son ready and off to school. As much as I love coming home to my bed, my routine and […]