More Mag/Fitness Mag Women’s Half Race Recap

Happy Monday! I am going to do my best to recap the race. I am still working with an injured arm so it isn’t all that easy to type (using one hand) but let’s see what I can do: I came very close to not running in yesterday’s race. But I am very glad I did. […]

Race Weekend

The forecast calls for torrential rain all day so I have decided not to head into the city for the race expo and will go tomorrow morning instead to pick up my number.  This change in plan caps off a taper week that went completely different than expected. My shoulder/rotator cuff/bicep is still giving me […]

Mid-Week Report

Where did my spring go? The last few days have been cold and windy. I had been planning to retire my  Uggs to the closet this week as well as run a few hilly miles outdoors this morning. This is why I try not to plan ahead: 30 degrees plus wind chill was not part […]