Boston Strong And Passover Recipes

I took a look back this morning at my post from April 16, 2013, written a day after the Boston Marathon bombings. I was in shock as the rest of the world was, unable to fathom such a tragedy, especially a tragedy so closely related to what I do every day. As you pause to remember those that lost their […]

Run From Your Heart

  They say the heart is the strongest muscle in the body. Our hearts have the ability to overpower our minds and make us do things that perhaps our brains would normally disagree with. Regardless of what you “think” you should do or not do, if you feel it in your heart, that is typically what guides […]

Race Day!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. We have a lot to catch up on including how this bowl ended up in my kitchen: Does it look familiar to anyone? My shoulder and I are getting ready now to leave for the Fitness Magazine Half Marathon and I will provide full expo and […]

Long Run Snack Saturday

Hi friends! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. If you are like me, Saturday doesn’t mean you sleep in, it means you get up and run! My favorite rainbow shoes came out to play today. With the Fitness Magazine Half Marathon quickly approaching, I decided I should start filling my little pocket with […]