The Best Of Summer 2017


    As much as I am ready for my son to go back to school, I am not ready for summer to end. This was my summer of freedom and definitely my most favorite summer in recent memory. Even with hockey season approaching (insert emoji heart here), I’m just not ready for my summer […]

Summer Training Plan Week #1

workout recap running pure barre

  This was my the first week of my summer training with Laura. I’m not training for a race just yet, she’s just giving me a month of workouts that mix up my mileage and rejuvenate my routine in preparation for maybe a Fall half marathon. I believe I ran 41 miles and I never […]

Friday Favorites (July 2017)

cauliflower pizza

  I had to ask my friends to change the subject the other night when they kept discussing how time is flying. They are already up to school supplies, school schedules and summer being over. Don’t ruin the endless summer vibe I have going, okay? It’s only July! New Strapless Bra Finding an awesome regular […]

Don’t Need A Race + Not The Outdoors Type!

Adidas energy boosts

  While running the other morning, a lady driving in my neighborhood opened her window to ask me a question. I politely removed my headphones (not something I like to do) at which point she asked me if I was training for a race. Um, no? She looked a little confused and drove off. My […]

cake for lunch, new clothes to report & other stuff

cake tasting

  This weekend was packed with everything I needed right now: A Saturday long run, cake for lunch, completing my son’s packing for camp AND a really long but productive day of shopping at the mall for clothes. I think the highlight of Bar Mitzvah planning so far was Saturday’s cake tasting at the bakery where we are having the cake […]

Week in Review #6

skillet cookie

  Linking up with Meg to chat week in review style today! Blog Stuff: I am working really hard at sticking to my focused hours in the morning after taking my son to school. I don’t check my phone or my email during this time. I focus on my blog for one hour before switching over to dedicating […]

My Second Walk To Fire Island

fire island selfie

    We went for a walk yesterday to Fire Island. Fire Island is a barrier island located off the south shore of Long Island in New York. The island spans 32 miles in length and averages less than a mile in width. There are no paved roads on Fire Island and only service and emergency vehicles are […]

Almost One Year Blog Anniversary

  This has been one crazy busy week. In fact, I can’t understand how it is already Friday and I don’t remember Monday. Something is up today with the font and spacing, do you notice it? Something I need to look into. Ah, the joys of blogging and understanding websites. I realized yesterday that The Cookie ChRUNicles one […]

The Best of Summer

My friends who follow my blog often tell me that when they read my posts, they can actually hear me talking. However, my key phrases which I am known to say everyday are missing from all posts: “Uh huh” “This is not OK” “I don’t even understand” I realized this morning that all three of my […]

The Walk To Fire Island

fire island light house

  UPDATE: Since my first walk to Fire Island when I published this post in 2013, I have gone two more times, most recently summer 2017. Click here for the recent post discussing the walk to Surf’s Out for dinner and click here for more pictures from the walk to Fire Island 2017! Thursday? Really? […]