Finding Balance & Body Image Round Up

jeans can lie

  I have decided to quickly throw together a round-up of the posts I have written this year on the topics of finding balance and body image for three reasons: I always have new readers (hi!) so rounding up the older posts allows new readers to see topics that they may miss otherwise. Some topics, such as finding […]

Achieving A Balanced Attitude Towards Your Weight

acheiving balanced attiturde towards weight

    After sharing the Finding Balance series of posts last month, I started receiving emails which asked the same two questions: “How do you keep such a balanced attitude towards your weight?” “How did you handle the need to gain weight and/or eat more in order to get your period back?” I decided these questions […]

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts

Finding Balance Between our DIets & Workouts

  I receive a lot of emails asking how to find balance between our diets and our workouts. If you ask me (which many of you have), it’s an ever evolving quest for finding that balance. Although on some level it’s simple – eat to fuel your appetite – it’s not always that simple. There’s no one size fits all […]