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runners world half

  Thursday has become the day that I update you on Heather’s running progress. She completed another 5k race on Sunday and was able to run the whole race! I am so very proud, I told you she was ready to do it! She actually called me after the 2 mile mark during the race […]

Workout Recap 10/12 – 10/18

Hershey Park Half

  I love when the Facebook time hop thing pops up in my newsfeed. I can’t even believe my first ever half marathon, at Hershey Park, was already three years ago. There’s nothing like your first big race experience! So far, Facebook has yet to point out to me that one year ago this weekend […]

Running Terms Made Simple

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  The main reason I don’t plan my posts too far in advance is because I always end up having a random thought or experience which we need to discuss immediately. Tuesdays are typically topic/advice type posts over here and while I thought that I wanted to talk in one direction today, we are going in another. […]