8 Random Thoughts

blueberry waffles

  The after hours texts from my son are still going strong. Here’s a good one, from Sunday night: I need to talk to him about firing off multiple texts at once. My phone is not always on vibrate so hearing the text sound over and over AND OVER can seriously produce anxiety in even the […]


Wednesday already? How did that happen? I have been so consumed with what I do not know that I completely forgot about the Fourth of July  4-mile race I wanted to run tomorrow morning. It seems I can still register and pick up my number this afternoon. I don’t love races shorter than a 10K but […]

The Feng Shui

Happy Monday! I don’t know exactly where the weekend went. But it went. I don’t even know what I did exactly…Oh….Wait…. Yes. I. Do. My weekend started with an interesting clean out of some drawers and closets. Do you watch those Hoarding shows? Yeah well, I always wondered how people ended up like that. And now […]

Food Find Thursday

“Who’s ready for a Flash SALE?!  Our Salad Bars and Hot Bars will be $5.99 per pound. Stock up on lunch and dinner… we know we will!” I can’t believe I missed this event. “Get out your cubicle, Long Island, and head to our Salad and Hot Bars! Lunch at $5.99/lb, ’til 2pm TODAY only!” […]

Voila Gourmet

I needed a second opinion yesterday morning regarding the weather. I just didn’t want to believe the meteorologist on television so I consulted my weather app to decide if it was truly too cold outside for my “planned”  hilly run. “Poor day for outside fitness.” Uh huh. And I could have done without the big […]

Snack Attacked

In an ever changing world, it is good to know that one can rely on the predictability of certain things. I was slightly concerned that Fairway was going to catch on that I figured out the method to their apple sale schedule. How happy I was to go through my circulars this morning and see […]