Granny Smith Apples And Hershey Park Cookies

Fairway Market and I have officially made up. I will happily walk into Fairway today as if nothing negative between us ever happened. It was about time they put my beloved Granny Smith apples back on special. I have been getting by with purchasing my apples from Trader Joe’s and while those apples served me well, Fairway apples hold a special place […]

The Apple Battle is Won

We are back in business. It is quite evident that Fairway noticed my complete boycott of their market and finally caved in. I am sure that sales had dipped; especially in the area of Granny Smith apples. And it appears that Fairway is so concerned that I won’t return that they have also placed Ezekiel bread on sale […]

I Am Nice. Really I Am…

I am nice. I really am. Just don’t try to test out my niceness on a rainy Wednesday morning that sends me inside to get my run on versus outside on my favorite path. Worse than sending me inside to the treadmill is arriving to a packed gym with each dreadmill already in use. And […]

Pardon Me While I Rant

Fairway is still toying with me. I am not at all amused and will simply be purchasing my granny smith apples somewhere else. I shop at 5 different grocery stores Fairway, do you hear me? So don’t think I am any more loyal to you than the next store down the block. Especially if you […]

Friday Finds

I have been up for a while watching the breaking news. One terrorist dead and the other on the loose. Public transportation in Boston shut down while they try to get’em. I am confident they will catch him but wow, so scary. I hope that everyone in the Boston area stays safe and heeds the […]