Thinking Out Loud – May 28, 2015

Warm Cold Salad from Mother Kelly's

Did you know that yesterday was National Sunscreen Day? It’s a great time to take a look at your sunscreen products to ensure you are using the best possible for your skin. I put together a really informative sunscreen post last year that is worth sharing again because the information still holds and the products […]

Dessert Comes with Rules

Happy Friday everyone! Since the sun was shining so bright this morning and the temperature actually above freezing, I chose to dodge the snow piles and ice patches to run outdoors for the first time in easily 10 days. I had to pay much more attention to my usual route since mounds of snow at […]

You Better Have Godiva

Awww. How sweet is my little 9 year old making his mommy a card all by himself. Can you read the post script at the bottom? I know, not easy to read right? I battle him every day not to rush through his school work and homework because rushing makes his handwriting illegible. Ugh boys…Or […]