TOL – Tampons & Time Hop

meaghan and me

  I am hoping this is not too much information but can we talk about tampons for a minute? I am absolutely beside myself that Tampax has changed their packaging. I associate purple wrappers with lite, green with super and orange with super plus. If they are now ALL WRAPPED IN THE SAME PURPLE color with a small sticker […]

Running Recap And Linda’s Fudge Cake

birthday mud pie

  Oh hello. Good Sunday morning to you. Before I say another word, Red Mango shared my instagram photo from the other day on their facebook page. I feel so famous and honored and happy that I won’t even mention once again how upset I am about Red Mango raising their prices to the point where my weekly parfait is […]

Gwyneth Always Seems To Annoy Me

  It’s the littlest of things that make me giggle… It’s not that I hate facebook, I just don’t really have any use for it anymore. I may or may not feel the same way about most people but we don’t need to get into that right now. However, I did scroll through my facebook newsfeed yesterday […]

Thinking Out Loud…Cookies, Clouds and Care Bears

  Boy am I glad that today just so happens to be time to link up with Amanda in order for me to think out loud. My brain is on overload. Not from my personal life, not from raising a little boy who thinks I am only cool when I make him grilled cheese with bacon […]


I walked out of my house  yesterday morning with the intention of running on the treadmill but changed my mind immediately once I realized it was not cold, not raining and not windy. What kind of fool elects to run indoors on a treadmill when they can easily run outside? So what if my usual […]

Enjoying the Moment

While the rest of my fellow New Yorkers were heading east Friday afternoon out of the city and to the island, I was leaving Long Island and heading west. Into the city. I snapped this photo of the Freedom Tower while I waited to go through the Midtown Tunnel. I can tell you that it was a […]

Spinning Three Tip Tuesday!

Tuesday is that random day in the week where you aren’t quite close enough to Friday yet you can’t even recall the weekend that just passed. Nothing too exciting about Tuesday until lately… Enter Spin Tuesday. I just love Ernie, the spin instructor at Lifetime. It has become my standing appointment where I inform people […]

Running to the Beat of my Feet

Today started out nicely. I was up early, got a list of things accomplished well before the little boy was up and well before the phone starts ringing to interrupt me. I was packed for the gym and ready to go for the day before even putting him on the bus. I even prepared my […]