English Muffins, Tomato Soup For Lunch, Other Recent Meals


  Okay, so I’m still in the sudden phase of randomly deciding to eat an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast instead of oatmeal.  I mentioned last week that it’s weird and unheard of for me to NOT eat oatmeal for breakfast — but it’s happening with no rhyme, reason, or planning. Who am […]

Rotating Breakfast, Passover & Macaroons

roasted vegetables and potatoes

  It’s been a nice week so far with my son off from school for Passover and Spring Break. No early morning wake ups or rushing out the door needed! Although, the weather has been PERFECT so running in the morning has been a pleasure. I ran in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday! Anyway, I […]

Switching Up My Breakfast (WIAW)

what I ate Wednesday

Would you believe me if I told that I haven’t had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast since Saturday? I know! How crazy is this? I woke up on Sunday craving my former breakfast obsession of an English muffin with peanut butter and I haven’t looked back since. Do I miss oatmeal? Um, not really? I am […]

Do I Really Need It?

Cold Smores

  This post idea came to me during Saturday’s long run as I was thinking about my favorite post run breakfast. I asked myself, “Do I really need oats in a jar after every long run?” Yes, yes I do. While I adore oatmeal for breakfast any morning of the week, there’s just something about this combination […]

WIAW – Crumbs Closed Plus Lots Of Salads

bbq ranch salad

I am very sorry if you didn’t receive yesterday’s post via email. I still don’t know why exactly the glitch happened but even if I was given an explanation, it would probably be in some technical language that I wouldn’t understand enough to explain to you anyway. Before we get on with today’s post, the answer […]