Weekly Workout Recap (12/9/19 – 12/15/19)

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I didn’t run much this week (only once) but I had my reasons: On the days I was in the gym, I did not feel like running. Friday, when I could have run, I preferred to walk. Over the weekend, I had a Bat Mitzvah to attend both Saturday and Sunday, with a funeral service […]

Week in Workouts: Gym Days + Time Change


  Here’s a quick breakdown of last week’s workouts: 3 running days – one treadmill workout 3-morning walks 1 elliptical workout 4 Pure Barre workouts I found myself in the gym for three mornings in a row. It had been a while since I was in the gym this often in one week (probably since […]

Less Miles + Overly Cautious + Red Mango (workout recap)

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  I swear I’m not trying to permanently move my workout recaps to Monday mornings! It’s just working out this way right now! I saved my workout recap for today mostly because I ended up running yesterday instead of Saturday. I never run on Sunday’s which usually makes a Sunday workout recap post possible but […]

First Run of 2018 + Weekly Workout Recap

winter weekly workout recap

    Oh, hi. Is it Sunday already? Geez. So I ran yesterday (3 miles) which was my first run this year and first since dropping the shampoo bottle on my foot! It went really well but I will get into that more below. I’m planning a more in-depth running post about my experience with […]

Race Recovery Week & Pure Barre Beta-Testing (workout recap)

at home pure barre workouts

  This week in workouts was a good mix of recovering from last Sunday’s 10 mile race and Pure Barre. As I mentioned in recent posts, I was selected to be a Pure Barre Beta Tester for the at-home Pure Barre online workouts and I COULD NOT WAIT to get started. It’s been a fun week of starting […]

Mixing Up My Workouts (Happy Mother’s Day!)

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Happy Mother’s Day! We are off for our special Mother’s Day breakfast tradition this morning but I wanted to stop in with my workouts from the week first. This was a good week in workouts although you will notice I ran a little less than normal. While I did have my period early on this week (which is why […]

Week In Workouts (less miles than usual!)

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  Two things before getting to my workouts from the week: 1) I ran a lot less than I normally do this week! It really wasn’t intentional at first although I believe that subconsciously I needed a break from my usual routine so I just did whatever it is I felt like every morning which turned out to […]

Like Clockwork (workout recap)

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  I didn’t post on Friday and actually stayed in bed a little longer than I usually do which put the rest of my morning routine, including my run, slightly behind schedule too. How ironic then when a guy in my neighborhood on his way to work hollered the following out of his car window when he […]

running nightmare, looking back, elliptical workout (TOL)

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I had a running dream the other night, actually, it was more like a running nightmare. I was about to run a half marathon when I realized at the race starting line that I forgot to bring my Hammer Gels AND also forgot my headphones. At first I panicked but then said this to myself in my dream: You forgot […]

week in workouts 6.20.16 – 6.26.16

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  A few things to note about my week in workouts… My Appetite: My appetite felt off the charts early in the week. It’s quite possible that my body noticed a return to my usual running after about ten days of reducing mileage/cross-training. Thankfully both my foot issue and hip issue quickly resolved themselves so […]

More Yoga Than Running This Week I Think!


  This week saw an even split between running and cross training on the elliptical machine — three days of each if we want to get specific. My right hip had been bothering me so in order to feel better, I chose to replace some of my runs with the elliptical machine, reduced my usual Pure […]

I Almost Really Hurt My Foot (Workout Recap)

workout recap

I almost really hurt my foot Wednesday night and it was the scariest runner feeling as many of you who have dealt with injury know. This was the closest I have ever been to an injury that threatened to keep me off of my feet but luckily, I am okay! So what happened? Let’s see. I […]