I do not run so that I can eat

ice cream

  I had this dessert over the weekend which you may have seen if you follow me on instagram. I am often asked if I RUN to EAT my favorite desserts, how I plan my miles around what I feel like eating and, this week especially, will I cut my calories since it’s taper time. I can’t […]

Runner Questions Answered!

adidas energy boosts

    I was so glad to see yesterday’s post so well received. The comments and emails (which I am still responding to!) are evidence we can all relate to the topic of getting stuck, even if it’s through different life experiences. Divorce may not be a weekly focal point here on the blog but […]

It’s Black Friday, Of Course I Woke Up Hungry

  Happy Friday! How was your Thanksgiving? It doesn’t feel like Friday, right? Nor does it feel like the color black. I don’t know what it feels like, I just know that as predicted,  I have woken up hungry. That would be my loaded up plate from last night. You can be sure I went […]