My Theme Song, Loyalty & On This Day

Hit "Em Up Style

    I’ve got an oldie but GOODIE added to my running playlist this week! It’s fascinating to me that I didn’t already have this classic song on my playlist already. I mean, Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style was basically my theme song for a while there during my divorce. I really should have had […]

Everything Annoying Me This Week

dunkin donuts cup

My computer’s keyboard has decided that it doesn’t feel like typing the letter “h” anymore. Even though it just did in that last sentence, it’s a struggle lately to get the letter H typed down sometimes and it’s really annoying me! Does anyone else have this issue with their keyboard where it suddenly stops typing certain letters? […]

Divorce & Dunkin Donuts (TOL)

dunkin donuts coffee

I missed the season premiere of Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce on Bravo last night but I plan to catch up on that as soon as I can. The other night actually, I watched the Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce finale from season one which as usual when I watch this series, triggered one of my own divorce memories. […]

Carlo’s Bakery & Weekend Stuff

chocolate strawberries

  I love summer weekends because more time outdoors means less time indoors which means less opportunity to open my laptop. Summer weekends also mean I am completely behind on blog reading, post development and just about everything else related to workweek stuff. Normally I try to get a jump start on the week, organize […]

Catching Up With A Thought Per Picture

prime happy hour

  Oh hi. Let’s catch up with a thought per picture again, okay? My friends and I realized Friday night during a beautiful evening happy hour at Prime that we take living on an island for granted. For your information, my idea of happy hour involves water spiked with a lemon wedge, especially when running long the […]

Keurig Karma

  Never insult your favorite appliance on the internet. I have woken up to a broken Keurig machine. Although this specific Keurig machine has served me well for over seven years, to die on me first thing in the morning is cruel and can only be because I insulted it’s flashing blue light just a couple of […]

Time To Make The Donuts And Muffin Tops

So yesterday morning I stopped midrun to stretch my legs. I don’t often stop to stretch but I find it helpful sometimes to stretch my hamstrings and quads a bit after the first mile and then continue on my way. Next time I need to stop midrun, I am going to try to not look down. Uh huh. I […]

Cake Selecting and Runtention

I am happy to report that the little boy is feeling better and well enough to go back to school today. Having him home for two days was unfortunate because he was sick but also unfortunate because I lost some ground on birthday present shopping and cake exploring by myself. I never got around to baking […]

The Cheesecake Factory Might As Well Be My Kitchen.

Believe me – I am well aware that I preach “everything in moderation.” But, since I am in charge of my preaching, I am also in charge of the exceptions. I had my favorite salad for dinner Saturday night. I love it so much that when my friend asked me to return to The Cheesecake […]

Dunkin’s Doorstep

I didn’t drive thru. I walked. Well, I didn’t walk thru the drive thru (although I certainly would if necessary). I walked into the store. For an iced coffee. My intention yesterday was to take a full rest day. But it was gorgeous out when I put the boy on the bus that I decided […]