Dinner At The Bryant!

the-bryant-veggie burger

  I’ve been really excited for the opening of the The Bryant which is the latest restaurant in the Poll Restaurants dynasty. Local readers may be aware that the same owners of Bryant & Cooper (where we had dinner for my son’s birthday) as well as owners of Toku (which I last had around my birthday), Cipollini, Major’s, Bar […]

Recent Eats: Lunches + Dinners (Plus French Fries!)


    Today let’s take a look at my recent lunches and dinners! I’ve been enjoying English muffins with peanut butter for lunch quite often lately. I don’t always feel like savory foods like salads and power bowls for lunch so this solves the problem when my cravings vary. Sometimes I make an English muffin […]

Recipe Challenge: Vegan Sloppy Joe’s

anything goes vegan sloppy joe's

  It’s Friday which means it’s time for week #2 of the Recipe Challenge Laura and I created for ourselves! In case you missed our first Recipe Challenge last week, you can check it out here. I loved those sweet potato, black bean and quinoa burgers. I had frozen a few of the burger patties from […]

Lunch With Lisa!

Lisa and me

  You guys left the sweetest most thoughtful comments on yesterday’s post! I am still working on responding but wanted to thank you for sharing how you started your blog as well as for the nice things you had to say about mine. 🙂 I am also still waiting for my plug-in’s to be reactivated over here. […]

A Boring Trader Joe’s Shop & Recipes of Interest

Trader Joe's foods shopping

  I found it so interesting to read the comments (which I am still responding to) on yesterday’s post regarding career choices. So many of us changed course from our original plan or figured out through the process of going to college and then living life what it was we wanted to do. This is probably worth discussing […]

A Singing Banana & Recipes of Interest

stew leonards

  Anyone else crazy ready for the weekend? I know, me too. I totally need a break! The good news is that my food shopping is basically done which frees up extra weekend time for things like restocking my moisturizers which all decided to run out at once and doing my son’s camp clothing shopping […]

What I Ate Wednesday 3.16.16

protein pancake

  I woke up in a bit of a mood both Monday and Tuesday morning. Not tired per say, just moody. Now, of course there’s always that chance that my moodiness may just be a product of my ever-charming, often hormonally driven + Gemini + Jewish mother + New Yorker personality but that wasn’t quite it. It took me until Tuesday morning, as I […]

About That Ezekiel Bread & Meal Prep Recipes

ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread

  The highlight of my day yesterday was seeing that someone googled the following phrase that somehow brought them to my blog: “Telling someone off sarcastically“ Usually people find my blog by asking google if it’s okay to eat cake as a meal but telling people off? Sarcastically? Ha. Anyway. With my son home sick and not eating normally, in addition […]

Recent Eats & Recipes of Interest


  I came across a great collection of recipes to share again this week! I like sharing meal ideas this way, I think, instead of sharing our dinner plans for the week because for right now, I just can’t stick to meal planning too far in advance. I definitely do my food shopping with dinner […]

Thank you, Food Shopping & Recipes Galore

trader joe's food shopping

  I haven’t had a chance to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal experiences with me in the comments and via email regarding Tuesday’s NEDA week post. When I receive even just one message from someone thanking me for helping them or questions for further guidance, I know I am reaching the right people. Sometimes, as I mentioned, […]

What I Wish I Could Get At Trader Joe’s & Dinner Plan

What I Wish I Could Get At Trader Joe's

  You know I love to shop at Trader Joe’s,  but the truth is, there are a few items that Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry that I wish they did! I can do almost all of my food shopping at Trader Joe’s but still need to fill in from time to time from other grocery stores. Nutritional Yeast […]

Maybe I Need New Running Shoes & Dinner Plan

weekly dinner planning

  I hate to say things like this out loud but I feel as though I may want to try a new and different pair of running shoes. Ah! I know! I shouldn’t mess with a good thing but I can’t decide if maybe, just maybe, I feel like I need something different. A change […]