Recent Dinners + Rainbow Cookie Cupcakes


I figured out the image loading issue with my blog that I mentioned last week. What I haven’t figured out is why my blog emails stopped sending a few weeks ago! My initial approach of pretending there wasn’t a problem and that the issue would fix itself didn’t in fact fix it. I’m hopeful that […]

Top Favorites From 2021

stoney clover duffle

I don’t really know where the year went. Do you? The months feel like a quick blur although November seems forever ago and spring is a far off memory. I took a look back on the year to round up some of my top favorites in 2021 in all of the important categories. While I’m […]

Recent Meals On A Friday


Is it okay to share recent meals on a Friday instead of Wednesday?! There’s no particular order here to what I’ve been eating. Just a quick round-up of what’s been on my plate. Here’s another big salad bowl from CAVA! I usually stop into CAVA once a week. I will definitely give them credit for […]

A Few Recent Meals + Magnolia Bakery Cupcake

magnolia bakery chocolate cupcake

Yesterday, I was all excited to report that it was already Tuesday. And now today, while I’m thrilled it’s already Wednesday, it almost snuck up on me in some ways. Like, oh, I need to post about food today? Ok, shoot, let me pull something together. I was in the city at Bloomingdale’s on July […]

Workouts From Week + Time Outside + Milkshakes

smallcakes milkshake and cupcake

A few things to note before getting to my workouts: 1 – Friday morning after my run, I took my son to have two wisdom teeth pulled! While he’s okay, we all know the pain of wisdom teeth extraction (at least I do, as I had four pulled when I was 16) so I’ve been […]

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes + Birthday Meals + What I Bought

hello kitty chocolate fudge cupcakes

  We left off on Wednesday with a bit of a dessert situation. All I wanted was a chocolate fudge cupcake and somehow I could not locate one. Thankfully, my dad saved the day. He showed up on my birthday with not only chocolate fudge cupcakes but hello kitty chocolate fudge cupcakes. These chocolate fudge […]

Weekend Highlights: Cupcakes + Pizza + Velvet


  I spent Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday driving my son to/from where he needed to be. In between, I took a few pictures to capture some highlights. First, some cupcakes. I was in the area of Smallcakes so I decided to bring a few home. The one with the m&m’s is actually a brownie. […]

Friday Favorites – November 2016

chocolate fudge cupcake

  Who else is super happy that today is Friday?! Dior Makeup: You know by now that I am obsessed with Dior makeup.  I went to the mall for new lululemon running tights the other day but see, I parked my car at the Bloomingdales entrance which means I made a stop at the Dior makeup […]

what I didn’t cook & links I am loving

Links I am Loving!

  You know you had yourself quite the busy week when you haven’t taken one food picture since Monday. Gosh I wish I could get the s’mores cupcake back that I had the other night so I could share it with you < – blogger brain thinking out loud. Aside from that s’mores cupcake (and the top […]

Sunday’s 10K Race Recap

10k race splits

  I am trying to pretend that the weather forecast is not telling me that the wind chill temperature is zero. I am ignoring the fact that the winds are gusting between 35-40 mph because I really wanted to run outside but ugh, I hate wind, especially cold wind! Let’s just talk instead about Sunday’s last-minute […]