Recent Meals and a Cupcake


Starting today’s post with dessert! I had this giant chocolate fudge cupcake over the weekend and it was as good as it looks. I also had this bowl of Banza mac and cheese with roasted broccoli. Sometimes the simplest meals are the best meals. Obviously, I had a Chopt salad in the last few days. […]

Recent Eats: Sushi + Cupcakes + Margarita Pizza + More!

rothmanns's sushi

  Please excuse the lack of blog schedule that I have going right now. I’m having a bit of a moment with my routine, what I feel like doing, and the wait for school to start. For this reason, since I have food pictures available, I am sharing them today instead of Wednesday when I […]

Possible Shin Splints, Uggs Slippers As Shoes And A Sweet Little Treat

Just because I haven’t mentioned my runs this week, certainly doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening. As you can see, my path is still very much under construction but I am slowly getting used to the new route that I created for myself. Slowly is the keyword here. My pace has been a bit off for easily the […]