Fred Lebow Half Marathon Training & Workout Recap


  The first day of December is on Tuesday (is that crazy or what?) which means time is flying and before I know it, it will be time to run my next half marathon, the Fred Lebow Half Marathon on January 24, 2016. While the half marathon distance isn’t something I need to train for, I do want to […]

Nagging Need For Cross-Training

kickboxing class

  I have this slight nagging need for some cross-training at the moment. I say slight because 99.9% of my being just wants to run outside every single morning but the other 0.1% of me knows that I cannot do that without running myself straight into the ground. I decided to do something different so I […]

Snow Day & An Elliptical Workout

elliptical workout

  I really wanted to measure the snow for us using my Hello Kitty ruler but I couldn’t open my front door just now because the snow is blown up against it. My car makes it seem so simple, like flipping a switch can turn the snow and off but it can’t. I was hoping to […]

Pure Barre DVD’s and We Tried The Chobani Oats

chobani oats

  They say runners are stubborn and I am certainly not the exception to this rule. I don’t like to cross-train even though I know that I have to yet I get all stubborn anyway and will run too many days in a row, especially in the summer when the sun is shining and I can step […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Learning From Mistakes

  There is a very serious game of Monopoly going on in our house. So serious that we left it all set up and ready for the little boy’s next move. If I want to be totally honest, I was too tired to enforce clean up of the game last night so I said we […]