Gigabody Review Plus Giveaway!


  It’s finally time for a complete Gigabody review! If you have been paying attention to my Weekly Workout Recaps each Sunday for the past month or so, you may have noticed me mention a variety of Gigabody videos on more than one occasion. I never thought workouts from home would ever be something that I would […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Cait The Arty Runner Chick!

  I realized yesterday morning that I kind of sort of ran seven days in a row. I know better than to do that (especially when I wanted to go easy last week) but since I don’t follow a strict running agenda and tend to go with how I feel, I guess I felt pretty darn good every […]

The Cheesecake Factory Might As Well Be My Kitchen.

Believe me – I am well aware that I preach “everything in moderation.” But, since I am in charge of my preaching, I am also in charge of the exceptions. I had my favorite salad for dinner Saturday night. I love it so much that when my friend asked me to return to The Cheesecake […]

When You’ve Got It, You’ve Got It

I didn’t plan on running today. I met my good friend at Lifetime this morning planning to take a kickboxing class (aka cross training!). I figured if I was early I would warm up with a light elliptical workout or even walk on the treadmill. When I got to the gym early, I felt like […]

Three Tip Tuesday

Ah Tuesday..not quite the start of the week, not yet the middle and certainly not the end…To brighten up this dreary looking Tuesday morning, I decided it would be fun to start offering some tips every Tuesday so here goes: Cookie ChRUNicles Tips for Tuesday: 1. Crosstrain! – I am so that girl to run […]