Talking Pizza Cravings + Blogger Struggles + Other Happenings

Sicilian pizza

  As a writer, I either feel one of two ways during busy times in my life. When my brain and day to day activities feel all over the place, sitting down to write blog posts will either center me and help me to feel more normal (sort of like running does!), or it becomes […]

WIAW – I Haven’t Had Peanut Butter In Days

What I Ate Wednesday 2-24-16

  That’s right. I haven’t had peanut butter in days, not since before I got sick last week. My eating habits tend to change for a bit after a virus so I am just going with it, eating what I crave and what sounds appealing. The last time I had a real bad stomach virus, […]

TOL- Craving Baked Potatoes

baked potato

  On Monday I showed you the ice cream cone shirt from Target. Today we need to consider adding some Popsicles to our wardrobe. I got an email from Lester’s with an image of this Chaser brand shirt but I couldn’t find it on the Lester’s website. Instead I found it here and also found this cute popsicle tank! Am […]

Benefits of Organic Eggs Plus A $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!


Although I have naturally gravitated towards a mostly plant-based vegetarian lifestyle, I will never be 100% plant-based or vegan. I refuse to give up my favorite chocolate desserts and Red Mango frozen yogurt parfaits, not to mention – in my opinion – a life without real cheese pizza once in a while isn’t much of a life at all. […]

WIAW – Rest Day From Running And Vegetables

grain free muffin and salad

The rain is currently coming down pretty heavy outside my window. Wet and dreary weather would have worked perfectly for me had I planned on a rest day for today. Keyword phrase here:  Had I planned. I can’t plan rest days. I can consider a certain day of the week where I may want a rest day to occur but more often […]

What I Ate Wednesday – Fuel My Appetite

  Lately I have been attempting to write down each run in order to keep better track of my miles. I know I have been running more and want to make sure I am compensating in the fuel department. Think of your body like a car- the more miles you drive, the more gas you […]

Venting On The Treadmill

  The best part about working from Panera Bread for a few hours is the free refills on coffee. I didn’t even need the coffee yesterday though because I was totally riding the runner’s high I achieved from six seriously fabulous and speedy treadmill miles. I decided that if I just keep sharing with you […]

WIAW – What Your Cravings Are Telling You

I am learning to just accept the snow days. Just like I am learning to accept my cravings. Sudden and random food cravings don’t just happen to pregnant women you know. In fact, while I was pregnant, I don’t think I had half the amount of random cravings as I do now. The thing is, […]

What I Ate Wednesday – Meatless Meatball Recipe!

  I am so glad that today is What I Ate Wednesday because I finally have the recipe for the meatless meatballs all ready to share with you. Before I get to the recipe though, let’s take a look at some other fun foods I have been enjoying: BREAKFAST: While I am still totally on […]

What I Ate Wednesday – More Carbs Please

  I am not ready for winter. Or the snow that comes along with winter. Or the running inside that has to occur due to the ice which forms on my routine running path that follows the snow in winter. Lucky for me, and for everyone who interacted with me yesterday, I squeezed in a 6 mile run […]

Three Tip Tuesday – A Life Without The Scale

  In case you were wondering, Edible Arrangements didn’t run any super spectacular Cyber Monday deals. I know this because I checked. To send one to myself. Anyway, I would happily bet you an Edible Arrangement that if we surveyed everyone reading this blog today, a majority of you would say you weighed yourself on a regular […]