One Of Those Weeks, New Car & Recent Eats

silician pizza

  Last week was just one of those weeks. You know, one of those weeks where it feels like just about everything is going wrong for days on end? When one of those weeks happen, you need a balanced attitude and positive mood for properly dealing with life and although those are my finer qualities 99.9% of the time, […]

countdown of friday favorites

heather and me

  I love that it is Friday. I love that I feel better. I love that I have some favorites to share with you from my week so let’s count them down to my most favorite moment, okay? 4. New mascara from Guerlain Why do I love this Cils d’Enfer So Volume mascara more than […]

Good Food Talk Friday

chocolate covered macaroons

    Today’s post is almost an extension of yesterday’s Thinking Out Loud because I have a ton of randomness to discuss with you on this Good Friday with Passover to begin at sundown. Should we talk cookie dough or coffee first? Hmm. It almost makes sense to start with coffee since I am currently […]

Samoa Cookie Dough Bark

samoa cookie dough bark

  Please allow me to interrupt my previously planned recipe for today (Chocolate Bar Blondies) for this no-bake, out of this world, you MUST make it now treat. …Samoa Cookie Dough Bark… You are familiar with Samoa Girl Scout cookies, right? I haven’t had one in years but when I sampled my cookie dough bark, the first thing my taste buds […]

Chocolate Cake On The Mind But Let’s Talk About Dinner

  You are in luck this morning; I have to get the little boy up and out early for a routine doctor’s appointment therefore I do not have a lot of time to rehash my love for the chocolate fudge cookie dough layer cake or discuss with you how I am still thinking about it, talking […]

Chocolate Fudge Cookie Dough Layer Cake

    I am a smart girl. One part street-smart, one part book-smart, and well, one part DESSERT SMART. If you are looking to enjoy a good dessert, you can always count on me to point you in the right direction, bake it for you or go with you to the right place to have it. And, as long as […]

What I Recall 9/11/01

I was 23 back on September 11, 2001…. A soon-to-be bride, already working a full year out of college….A lot of life has occurred for me over the last 12 years. Yet, every September 11, I am brought back to that day and that year as if it were yesterday. I recall driving to work […]