Thinking Out Loud 2.18.16

crayola coloring

I had a dream about Cookie Crisp cereal the other night followed by a dream about Tropicana Orange Juice last night. Am I the only one not only having random food dreams but food dreams specifically focused on the breakfast foods of their childhood? I read this quick little article in Self Magazine about planks which I must have already known but forgot I […]

Things That Make Me Happy

hershey bar cheesecake

      Happy Monday! Or, shall I say for myself, Happy Back To School After A Week Of Winter Break! We had a terrific week, don’t get me wrong. We did A TON of fun stuff (including a little road trip to the Palisades Mall where they have a giant ferris wheel) without having […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Eat Your Sushi


  The whole concept of a complete rest day really does work wonders for the legs. Even if you really feel like running and don’t think you need to rest, if you are truly due for a day off, take it. I ran seven miles in the frigid weather yesterday morning and felt great. Well, great […]