Winter Weather Workout Accessories 2014

winter weather workout accessories essentials 2014

A few weeks ago I shared with you my Cold Weather Workout Essentials for 2014 which focused on my picks for women’s winter running apparel. It’s about time already that I follow that up with some Workout Accessories for this fast approaching (if not already arrived) cold weather workout season. But here’s the situation…. I have the basic accessories essentials part […]


This cold weather is getting real old. So is the puffiness under my eyes. I am a long time allergy sufferer but lately I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what is causing my most recent flare up. Yep, I play allergist in my spare time. Anyway, I really didn’t think I would still be […]

Run Like Someone Is Waiting For You to Finish

I woke up bright and early this morning looking forward to my favorite spin class. You know that feeling when you just know you have it in you for a great run or work out? My muscles felt fresh and ready and I was so pleased given the fact that yesterday’s workout was kinda crummy. […]

Blizzard Schmizzard

I am ready for summer. Or even spring. Or simply a friendly winter which means no snow and  temperatures above 32 degrees. No such luck. Blizzard warning in effect through Saturday. Saturday morning is designated as my long run morning. A blizzard may throw a wrench in my routine for this weekend. Hmm. Good thing […]