weekend stuff & running shoe update

cold stone

  This was the first weekend in months (maybe since September?) that my son slept out the entire weekend. I know I mentioned it recently (in this post) that we stopped sticking to a strict every other weekend schedule to be more flexible with my son’s plans as he gets older. It was so weird for […]

weekend sentence per picture #3

fruit flavored Dasani water

  I snacked on watermelon while food shopping at Trader Joe’s. I saw these cute cake pans in Target which made me want to make a layer cake or rainbow cookies but I didn’t buy the cake pans so I won’t be making anything. It doesn’t take much to convince me to have dinner at The […]

weekend stuff & workout recap

weekend stuff and workout recap

  How is it Sunday already? Let’s catch up a bit before looking at my workout recap from the week. Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory because I needed another photo of my favorite BBQ Ranch salad in my wordpress image library. Cold Stone was out of chocolate dipped waffle bowls again but I remained calm. Oats in […]

Watching Infomercials & Weekly Workout Recap

Cold Stone Creamery Sundae

    I woke up super early today and since I don’t feel like watching The Brady Bunch, the only other thing on the television is diet infomercials. Ten channels are currently advertising the plan that involves all of those different color-coded containers in various sizes including a green one you are supposed to fill six times in one […]

Weekend Highlights – Literally

Red Mango parfait

        Is it just me or does your first cup of coffee in the morning, especially the first cup on a Monday following a time change, go down in literally two sips? My mug is empty. How did that happen? I just brewed it three minutes ago. I had my hair done (fresh […]

Let’s Catch Up!


  Let’s start with my last Pure Barre class (for now at least) which I attended Friday morning… Fact: I do not wear makeup when I run or workout, regardless of who may see me. I would rather have uneven skin tone and appear half-asleep than breakout from makeup seeping into my pores while I sweat. So […]

Thinking Out Loud – Sometimes


  Sometimes my computer screen is so dirty that I think I have typos like extra quotations and periods in sentences when in fact it’s just dirt or  peanut butter. Sometimes I go to bed excited for the next morning’s run and then wake up to not feel like running. When that happens, I usually run anyway […]

Ben & Jerry’s and Putting Life In Perspective

ben and jerrys sundae

I made my son an omelette with my signature recipe home fries for dinner the other night. He told me that the omelette, which was pretty basic (he let me add plum tomatoes to it though!), was “the best omelette of his entire life.” The home fries were pretty fab too, trust me. He loved them. […]

Running Things + First Pure Barre Class

pure barre

  The worst thing possible happened to me last night. That would be a majority of my chocolate dipped waffle bowl broken. On the ground. I stared at giant chunk of my waffle bowl on the ground in disbelief for longer than the five second rule although I seriously considered picking it up and eating it anyway. It’s not […]