Recent Eats + Chinese Food + Tried Duchess Cookies

duchess cookies

Happy Wednesday! Let’s catch up on recent eats with a quick review of Duchess Cookies. I love when I have gift cards for The Cheesecake Factory. We’ve been taking out more than dining out again as of late so I picked up the barbecue ranch salad (without the chicken). The onion strings are still my […]

GapFit Favorites + Cake Is My Love Language

linda's fudge cake

  I wished a few people a Happy Friday YESTERDAY when it was only Thursday. Finally, I can say Happy Friday and be accurate. I’ve got a few GapFit favorites to share with you today as well as a few other things I am loving right now! Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti Coffee I used to brew […]

Bachelorette Life, Dylan’s Candy Bar & City Fun (TOL)


  My friend Dina borrowed my can opener last week. I told her there was no rush in returning it, I just wouldn’t be able to open a can of chickpeas until she gave it back. Let’s see how long I can go before not having a can opener starts to bother me. I usually […]

Friday Favorites – December 2016

Friday Favorites

  I am back with another round of Friday Favorites for this week!   Green Mountain Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee: Between yesterday’s post and now today, I think it’s obvious that I like my cups of coffee. Have you tried Green Mountain’s Cinnamon Sugar Cookie coffee yet?! The aroma coming from the coffee mug when this coffee brews is simply amazing […]

Giant Chocolate, Gilmore Girls Thoughts & Nespresso (TOL)

Trader Joe's giant chocolate bars

I was in the city Monday night and definitely felt the FA LA LA feeling as soon as I walked out of Penn Station.   It takes a lot to get me out the door and into the city (by train no less) on a Monday night following a holiday weekend but I wanted to go […]

It’s Not Okay When Your Keurig Breaks In The Morning! (WIAW)


I woke up yesterday morning to a broken Keurig Machine. If you ask me, a broken coffee machine in the early am is the meanest thing that can happen when you first wake up. Like, I don’t want to drive to Dunkin Donuts in my pajamas for coffee because I am too cranky without having my coffee to […]

What I Ate Wednesday 3.9.16

what I ate wednesday

I have to say – having your race entry determined by a random drawing certainly ups the excitement! I don’t think I ever logged into my bank account (to see if I was charged for the race registration) so many times in one day, or even, one year. I am surprised the bank didn’t call to question […]

WIAW- President’s Day

three ingredient pancake

Half way through the week means half way through winter break. Although I am still working this week as usual from home, it’s nice not to rush in the morning because I don’t need to get my son up and out for school. We have a school art project to work on this week but other than that, […]

Thinking Out Loud 12.3.15

new years day race

  The week following a holiday like Thanksgiving is always difficult in terms of getting back into the groove. I don’t have an issue with my workouts because those are built into day and a welcomed part of my routine but the school day routine? The work day routine? Yeah, slowly killing me this week. I […]

random things & running reflections

new balance

  It always happens that I have a few thoughts about a race after I write the recap. I write the recaps fairly quickly which doesn’t always give me time to reflect completely but before we get to running talk, a few random things first. I bought Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice K-Cups last week. I am finding this […]

Likes & Dislikes


    While running the other morning, my mind gravitated towards creating a list of my likes and dislikes. It got pretty entertaining as I went along because I realized that most of what I do like is followed so closely by what I really don’t like. Let me explain.   1. I love caffeine. I live […]

When Your Keurig Decides Not To Work & Other Random Thoughts

Ben & Jerry's

1.There are two clocks in my kitchen which are both slower than actual time. One is two minutes slower. One is three minutes slower. It’s becoming a problem. Getting my son up on time, getting him to the bus stop for school, every second in the morning counts. It’s only 6:32 he has a few minutes, no wait, […]