Friday Favorites From The Week


Oh boy have I had a crazy week at work. I’m ready to share some favorites with you today as I’m really happy that it’s finally the weekend! Friday Favorites This unplanned matching moment made me really happy when I sat down to stretch the other morning at the gym. YES to this! This is […]

Lunches in the City + Father’s Day


I have three lunches worth highlighting from the last week! First, I was in the city twice for lunch in the last few days so let’s discuss. I had lunch at Upland and it was delicious. While I had yet to dine at the Upland location in the city, I did have dinner at the […]

Lunch In The City + Levain Bakery Cookies

levain cookie

I had a terrific lunch at Lil Frankie’s on the lower east side in the city yesterday. The weather was GORGEOUS so celebrating my friend/co-worker’s birthday with lunch (and dessert!) outside was just perfect. It’s really only fitting that pizza was the main attraction as this is my friend who started the New York City pizza […]

Not Going To Discuss It (weekly workout recap)


I don’t even want to discuss how I finally made my return to using the gym in my community for the treadmill only to have the mask mandate reinstated last week. Nope, we aren’t going to discuss it. Instead, I will just tell you that I will run outdoors as much as I can tolerate […]

Quick Look At Last Week’s Workouts


Here’s a quick look at last week’s workouts! Monday – 35 Min Run I planned to stop at 30 minutes but today’s run felt so good that I added five minutes as my cool down. Tuesday – 25 Min Cardio Warm-Up + Full Body Flow + 30 Min Walk Wednesday – 32 Min Fiery Pilates […]

Recent Meals On A Friday


Is it okay to share recent meals on a Friday instead of Wednesday?! There’s no particular order here to what I’ve been eating. Just a quick round-up of what’s been on my plate. Here’s another big salad bowl from CAVA! I usually stop into CAVA once a week. I will definitely give them credit for […]

What I Ate In The City Last Week


As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I was in the city last week for work and it was a lot of fun! I’ve been going into the city more often lately to hang in the office but last week we had a lot of people in town so I stayed for a few days rather than […]

Pizza in the City

rosas pizza

  Today is just a quick post featuring pizza. A lot of pizza. I was in the city both Monday and Tuesday to work from the office for a change. The city is slowly getting back to what I would call normal so it’s nice to be there again! Especially this week – the weather […]

City + Bagels + Nylon Totes + Fashion Finds (Friday Faves)

cinnamon raisin bagel

Oh, hi! It’s Friday! I was a little thrown off by exciting happenings in my world this week. As I mentioned a while ago, my relationship is long distance for this year. Long-distance as in, overseas at a location I can’t even visit. BUT! He was able to come back this week for some work-related […]

Food Photos + City Meals + Trader Joe’s

eggplant pizza

While scrolling photos on my phone, I noticed that I had pictures of meals that I never shared here on the blog. We all know that I simply do not take pictures of my meals as I used to do. I totally realize that what I eat is still of high interest to my readers, […]

workout recap (11/18/19 – 11/24/19)

rainbow room view

  Last week got away from me in terms of writing a blog post after posting my workouts last Monday. It was a busy week for sure, but I still made time for my workouts almost every morning. Monday – 5 Miles (treadmill workout) I go into my treadmill runs thinking I will do a […]

Lighter Week In Workouts (catching up)


  Much lighter week in workouts to report today! I haven’t posted since last Monday which is unusual for me but I had warned there was a chance that would happen. So let’s catch up! Last week was amazing yet basically all-consuming in that I was back and forth to the city from Tuesday afternoon […]