Winter Break Weekend Sentence Per Picture

deep dish meatballe pizza

  Chinese food at Christmas time because that’s what Jewish people do. It’s a fact. While passing (actually, being passed) in city traffic by the horse-drawn carriages of Central Park, I realized I have never actually taken one of these buggy rides and I really don’t think I ever will. I feel bad for the horsies. I […]

Lululemon Finds, Meal Plan & Recipes of Interest

puffy blanket jacket

  So the lululemon bags I mentioned yesterday seem to only be for the holiday season which is interesting if you ask me since they are the most blah shades of brown and black. I know a lot of people use the classic red and white bags to tote their stuff around and although I don’t really […]

Merry Christmas And Lots of Chocolate Chips

  Good morning and Merry Christmas! I always wondered what it would be like to wake up Christmas morning with a tree and presents underneath waiting for me. The closest I ever came to the joy of a Christmas morning as a kid occurred when Hanukkah would overlap and I was able to convince my parents to leave […]

Adidas, Whole Foods, Dinner And Cookies- Two Recipes

  If you need a last-minute gift for someone or for yourself, may I please recommend my new favorite Adidas Energy Boost sneakers? You know a  sneaker is that great when you fail to realize just how many days you have run in a row. It somehow escaped my attention that I ran six, maybe seven days in […]