Recent Meals + Breakfast Change?


Halfway through the week! Let’s start today’s post with my post-run beach lunch of a bialy with vegetable cream cheese and tomato. It had been a good two weeks since I last had a salad from Chopt. No spicy-sweet peppers this time! I swapped those out for sweet potatoes. Everything is chopped so small that […]

Three Meals + Two Desserts To Share Today!


Let’s start with dessert first! I needed something good for dessert over the weekend so I went to Uncle Guiseppe’s which to me is the best-hidden bakery in the area. I say hidden because it’s within the big grocery store/specialty market and I don’t hear it discussed often when people rattle off best bakeries. This […]

Healthy Chinese Food + Other Recent Meals

mogu Chinese

Before we talk about food today, I should mention to you my running shoe situation which is still a situation. While I will give the Hokas one more chance, something is telling me that they aren’t going to work out for me. I’m not sure at this point what will work out for me. A […]

Plant Wise + A Stop At Trader Joe’s

plant wise bowl

It’s that time of the week when we chat about recent meals! Since Plant Wise is only open on weekdays, my goal is to try to get out on Fridays for a quick lunch. It’s usually a little quieter for me workwise, at least in the sense that I should be able to run out […]

Recent Meal Highlights

plant wise

I know that it’s Thursday but I wanted to pop in with a few recent meals from the week! Having Monday off earlier this week definitely threw off my days but hey, I’m not complaining that it’s almost Friday. We had roasted vegetables and guacamole in the house (neither made by me) so I used […]

A Story On Measuring Food (plus recent meals)

stir fry

  I have a few recent meals to share with you today. But first, a story. I don’t discuss it every week but I think you already know that I like to eat chocolate chips. And while I’m still devastated that Trader Joe’s changed the recipe for their semi-sweet chocolate chips (even if they say […]

What I’ve Eaten Lately


Time for recent meals again! I had a vegetarian salad bowl from Maoz over the weekend. Maoz has always been a favorite of mine – especially back in the day when I could load the toppings myself into the bowl at the city Maoz locations. For this Maoz salad bowl, I had them drizzle tahini […]

Quick Look At Recent Meals!


I’m now in the routine of rotating either a salad from Chopt or a salad bowl from Cava. Cava is so close to my house that it’s hard to not stop in for a salad bowl, which I usually get for dinner. Here’s how I feel about Cava now that I’ve had it a few […]

I Tried Cava + Other Recent Meals

chopt salad

Sometimes I wish I had more time (both actual time and mental time) to write blog posts as often as I used to in the past. But then I remember that my job takes up much more time (both actual time and mental time) than it used to and that I can only do so […]

Edible Arrangements + Recent Meals + English Muffin Pizza

edible arrangements

  So backing up a bit to last week, my pizza superstition did nothing to help the Islanders win their playoff series against Tampa Bay. It’s okay, I’m not upset. In fact, I may be the only Islanders fan not terribly upset. You see, I’m so used to them not doing well over the years […]

The Little Beet + Kombucha + Recent Meals

the little beet

I love that it is Wednesday already! The best part of having Monday off is how quickly the rest of the week starts to pass. Okay so first, we need to get back to the Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chips discussion. I still think the chocolate chips taste different in the new bag. The new […]